New Hire Orientation


New Hire Orientation

Once you find your perfect employee, you want to get them working as quickly and effectively as possible. myHRpro new hire orientation has you covered. We will ensure that your newest employee feels welcome and has the tools they need to hit the ground running. Your orientation will become the first step in their success in your company.

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Orientation Programs

Look to myHRpro for engaging and effective new hire orientation programs.  Ensure key messages are consistently delivered to new employees.  Be prepared to answer frequently asked questions and take comfort that your new hire orientation program will cover compliance issues, important policies and procedures, and adequately prepare your new employees to begin work.  Utilize our quick start orientation system to save your company time and money when getting new employees started on the job.


Improve New Employee Productivity

We provide 90 day new employee training plans and templates to ensure your new hire is quickly integrated into your company and focused on key activities to help them reach full productivity in a short span of time.  Don’t waste time and money with floundering new employees.  Gain confident employees who are clear on company priorities and their job roles and responsibilities.  Experience our time saving new employee training plans and ensure your hires are productive faster than you expect.


Employee Orientation Checklists and Templates for Managers and Supervisors

Ensure your company Managers and Supervisors are delivering clear and consistent messages about new employee roles and responsibilities and performance expectations.  Utilize our comprehensive Manager/ Supervisor new hire orientation checklists and templates.  Your Managers and Supervisors are busy so don’t waste their time and energy on in-depth preparation for new hire orientation.  Benefit from our years of experience in designing, developing and delivering highly effective new hire orientation programs and orientation systems.


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