Learning Plans


Learning Plans

Learning Plans That Improve Organizational Performance

Learning and development dollars are better spent by utilizing results from assessments to determine organizational and individual employee development needs.  By using job analysis, employee assessment tools, and other training analysis techniques we can help you pinpoint the most important areas for employee development, ensuring the organization has the talent to realize strategic priorities. Customized learning plans can be created to meet individual employee learning and development needs, benefiting employees, teams and the entire organization.



Our Training is Tailored to Your Organizational Needs

Our human resource consultants take the time to understand your organizations strategic objectives and provide assessments to help analyze what programs or services will have the most impact to ensure you receive value for your training investment. Our human resource consultants listen to understand what will work in your organizational culture and adapt the approach to ensure you are not only satisfied but delighted with the programs and services you receive.  Careful analysis combined with a robust array of development options provide your employees with effective individual learning plans suitable for your organizational environment.



Improving Employee Performance Through  Individual Learning Plans

The process begins with a needs analysis for the organization as a whole to determine key capabilities and requirements for current performance as well as preparations for organizational growth and expansion.  Next we turn to assessing individual employees to determine the overall capability of the organization as well as to develop individual learning plans for employees.


By assessing employees and tailoring their learning plans, you get targeted development plans that will improve job performance.  Research studies also show that companies that invest in employee development get increased employee engagement and improved retention, not to mention improved performance.


Use our superior approach to individual learning plan development to target development dollars where the investment will have the greatest impact. Contact info@myhrpro.com to learn more.