Leadership Development


Leadership Development

Grow and develop your organization’s leadership talent by consulting with our human resource consultants. We can provide effective assessment and development solutions that will give your leaders and their teams the skills required to meet current and future strategic goals and objectives.


When you align your training initiatives with all your HR systems, including selection, performance management, succession and beyond, you will find leadership and employee development indispensable to your talent strategy.



Evaluate Your Leadership Development Strategy


myHRpro believes that leadership development does not start with training; rather, it begins with evaluating your critical business needs and understanding what your employees must do to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.  We take a holistic approach by not only examining skills, knowledge and experience gaps of your leaders but also examine the culture, systems and processes that impact leaders performance.  Through this innovative approach we not only create robust development plans but we also identify organizational weaknesses affecting your leaders capacity and competence.


When you identify these gaps, you can then provide the appropriate training and development required to address the issues that were preventing your organization from maintaining sustainable processes and achieving successful results.



Assessment Tools for Leadership Development


Using various assessments, such as behavioural assessments, multisource tools and flexible, web-enabled assessment options, myHRpro can work with your organization to identify the critical leadership skills that your employees lack. These assessments will also provide a clear picture of individual or group strengths and development priorities.



Development Options And Customized Solutions


Once potential areas for development are identified, myHRpro will work with your organization to customize a leadership development program. We can also work with your HR lead to select existing workshops from our extensive catalogue offered through our training division the Learning and Performance Institute.



Reinforcement Of Leadership Development Learning

Our workshops go beyond text-book learning. Our facilitators are not only the best instructors in their field but also have years of hands-on experience in their areas of expertise. They will teach your staff how to take the skills they learn in the classroom and apply them on a daily basis within their respective jobs.


On-line follow-through tools are also available for purchase and will help organizations monitor, manage, and evaluate the critical learning-transfer process.


Personalized coaching is available if you want to provide your organization with supplemental training that is tailored to the specific needs of your evolving leaders.



Talent Pools: Beyond Leadership Development

To ensure you have an adequate supply of future leaders, your organization must look beyond succession management, leadership development and recruitment. You must create a pipeline of future talent by accurately identifying required skills and developing talent in those areas.


By creating talent pools, your organization can ensure that development pathways are tailored to employees’ needs at various stages in their careers. Furthermore, talent pools create a structure to ensure development opportunities are created for employees with management and leadership potential.


This process ensures current and future leaders not only have the knowledge, skills and experience to do their jobs, but also the judgment and wisdom for your organization to thrive.


myHRpro provides talent pool designs and implementation support to ensure a significant pool of leaders is developed within your organization.