Coaching offers one of the best ways to grow and retain key talent by helping disseminate knowledge, plan for performance, and coach employees to reinforce behavioural changes. myHRpro has years of experience and know-how to coach employees to higher personal performance or to assist those not functioning at the optimum level within their current role.



Grow Your Leadership Strength

Our coaching services provide a personalized approach that strengthens your leaders’ performance through examination of leadership roles, organizational responsibilities and personal career aspirations. Our program provides a roadmap for individual growth and development paired with a focus on achieving business priorities.


Our coaching services transform thinking, creating leaders that are confident in their ability to unlock insight, improve performance and lead change. We offer our coaching program as a stand-alone service or as part of an integrated leadership development process.



Improve Performance Through Coaching

Our Coaching services can be used to:

  • Help employees in your organization overcome performance issues
  • Reinforce newly acquired skills and help transfer knowledge across the organization
  • Provide a platform  for new leaders to discuss issues and challenges and learn from one another in a confidential setting
  • Provide insight and prepare leaders to take on more complex roles as they are promoted within the organization
  • Equip leaders to deal with challenging assignments and exceed performance expectations
  • Enable leaders to inspire teamwork and create a high performing work environment



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