Training That Impacts Performance

Some of your employees not demonstrating great decision-making?  Feel like you’re throwing your money away when you hire a trainer?  Tired of workshops that have no impact?  Yearning for training that truly improves performance?


Contact us to see why so many organizations turn to us when they want training that produces bottom line results.


Training Alone Doesn’t Improve Performance 


Lasting change comes from providing relevent information that can be applied and coached along the way. We drill down to the essential skills, knowledge, and abilities your employees need to get the job done.


When done well, training with coaching can create a competitive advantage.  When done poorly it wastes time and money.  myHRpro has years of experience providing effective coaching and delivering training that is memorable, impactful, and changes employee behaviour.  What you get from our training and coaching is competent employees and improved organizational performance. 



Tailored Training That Meets Your Unique Needs

myHRpro consultants take the time to understand your business strategy and the implications for your training needs.  We get to know your business culture so we understand what will work for your organization.  We use a variety of approaches in our training such as business cases, applied projects, job aids and simulation exercises.  Our training is interesting, impactful and reinforces learning.  We won’t just give you the training and walk away. We make sure you can apply it every day in your organization. 



We Take a Different Approach

Tired of trainers talking at you with meaningless information that doesn’t translate into the real work environment?  Worried about wasting money on something that isn’t going to make a difference?  We don’t blame you and that’s why we take a different approach to training.   


Fast-paced, interesting, simple, interactive how-to workshops and coaching.  Check out our catalogue of courses offered through our training division The Learning and Performance Institute. 


Are you ready to take your team’s performance to the next level?

Timely, relevant information that is easily applied.  Contact us for workshops that make a difference.