Staffing Services


Staffing Services

Our Recruitment Consultants help clients recruit seasoned professional and technical staff to address critical operational vacancies, complete large projects, add in-house capacity to replace expensive consulting resources and build effective succession plans to address upcoming retirements of highly experienced staff.


Staffing Services include the following:


a. Identifying critical skills required to meet operational requirements;

b. Quantifying attrition and retirement trends;

c. Confirming the industry supply-demand dynamics for each position;

d. Recruit ideal candidates with appropriate skills sets and good organizational fit; and

e. Strengthen the in-house recruitment capability of our clients to deliver added value from your  recruitment service investment.


Staffing Services that Evaluates “Fit”

Our talented recruitment consultants take the time to confirm the client’s organizational culture and ideal candidate profile. This allows us to accurately identify candidates who have the skills and temperament to complement existing staff.   We work with client organizations to not only identify current critical skill shortages but future recruitment needs. We then utilize our staffing services network of industry contacts to source the best available talent from industry leading organizations. Finally, our extensive industry reference checking confirms each candidate’s performance and personality and reduces the risk associated with hiring.


Test Candidate Interest

Do you wish you could gauge interest from a known professional without putting your firm at risk? Our clients appreciate an arms-length way to determine the level of interest from someone they already know is a match for a particular role. Our staffing services offer a low cost, safe, anonymous way to directly approach people with a high degree of professionalism and diplomacy. We establish the level of interest in your position without revealing the name of your company until we’ve confirmed that they are both a match for your desired qualifications and interested in a discussion with you.


Assess a Particular Candidate

Would you like to assess the fit of an individual without paying an expensive placement fee? If you already have a candidate’s name but would like more details on their fit and interest level without paying a fee for the hire, we offer this staffing service for a low one time flat rate allowing our clients to remain anonymous, protecting their reputation, and saving them money.


Flexible Services

Imagine having on-target, prequalified candidates that are truly interested in your career opportunity. We have the capability to deliver just that. But we will only charge you for the part of the recruiting cycle that you need. Our recruitment consultants will help you determine which of our services are most suitable for your requirements and environment.