Job Analysis


Job Analysis

What Is Job Analysis?

When myHRpro’s HR consultants do a job analysis, their goal is to document the requirements of a job and the work performed.


Job analyses are performed as a basis for later improvements, including:

  • describing a job
  • developing performance appraisals
  • selection systems
  • promotion criteria
  • training needs assessment
  • compensation plans


Our HR consultants use job analyses to gather information for use in:

  • employee selection
  • training
  • classification
  • compensation


Our job analysis process provides a systematic review of positions to identify observable duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform particular tasks.  Information obtained can be used for further hr services, such as creating job descriptions.


Improve Morale with Job Descriptions

We believe these HR services build the foundation of a positive supervisor-employee relationship.  This relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the person’s role in the organization. Job descriptions formalize this understanding, which in turn improves morale, creating more productive staff.


Our HR Consultants Can Help You Increase Employee Productivity And Engagement

The HR services we provide are based on the belief that just one or two well-focused HR initiatives will significantly enhance your organization’s productivity, employee morale, and recruitment and retention. Well-written job descriptions fit this category.  With clear and concise job descriptions, your organization will be able to:

  • Improve productivity, work quality, employee relations, and morale
  • Provide all managers and staff with an understanding and appreciation of how each job helps achieve the organization’s goals.
  • Communicate job requirements, performance standards, and policies and procedures
  • Identify and make full use of employee skills
  • Address performance issues
  • Minimize employee litigation in areas of discrimination, overtime, and workplace safety
  • Save time and resources on recruitment because potential employees will obtain a clear understanding of the job during the interview and determine whether the job is right for them

Our Approach to Job Analysis

Our human resource consultants will complete a thorough job analysis, research comparative positions from our extensive database and interview supervisors and/or current job holders to gather the information required to develop a comprehensive profile.


Our team of experienced human resource consultants will develop clear and concise job descriptions that will outline the exact performance expectations of each job.  These in turn can serve a number of organizational purposes including:

  • compensation decisions
  • performance management discussions
  • job design
  • selection criteria for recruitment
  • training and development priorities
  • organizational design


Contact and use our HR services to to help you improve your human resource management by starting with job analyses and job descriptions.