Short Listing and Interviewing Quickly

Don’t loose your ideal candidate because you can’t screen, shortlist and interview candidates in a timely manner.  The short listing and interview process requires careful planning which should be completed without delay to minimize the risk of losing good candidates. myHRpro’s recruitment consultants  can work with your organization to commence short listing and interview planning as soon as the vacancy arises. Once the closing date for the vacancy has passed, myHRpro can gather all applications and record what has been received. Next we assist your interview panel members in moving through an orderly and swift selection process.


Our recruitment consultants will help with:


  •  deciding who will take part in the short listing and interview panel and if the services of myHRpro will be required
  • deciding on the date(s) on which interviews and tests (if used) will be held and arrange an appropriate venue including any catering, room layout or equipment needs
  • plan time in diaries, to enable people involved in interviewing to read all the applications and complete their own shortlist or decide to outsource this process to myHRpro
  • plan for all panel members to meet to agree the final shortlist or review a shortlist of candidates provided by myHRpro
  • myHRpro can assist with or take on responsibility to devise any tests that will be used to assess the candidates’ abilities to meet specific job requirements
  • short listing will be based on assessing whether or not each candidate has demonstrated in their application that they meet the job requirements of the post
  • it may be necessary to – re-advertise the post, where insufficient suitable applicants have been received or hold an initial work related test to narrow down a shortlist


myHRpro also takes care to ensure we coach and educate interview panel members to ensure they ask the right questions, in the right way to ensure you follow legal requirements and come away from the process confident that you’ve identified the ideal employee.


Create Compelling Offers


Our recruitment consultants understand that presenting the opportunity in a compelling manner is critical when recruiting candidates with high demand skills. Often, this involves educating prospective candidates about all the comparative advantages of the work location as well as the career growth and potential of the organization.  Don’t lose ideal candidates.  Count on our experienced recruitment specialists to position your organization in a way that is compelling to candidates and increases the chance of offer acceptance. 


When it comes to effective interviewing count on myHRpro to ensure you pick the right person for the job.  Contact and rely on our years of selection expertise.