Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment Consultants

How Do I Find And Recruit The Right People?


The days of putting an ad in the paper are long gone, so where are you supposed to find the people you need? Have you dealt with recruitment consultants who just throw resumes at you while spending a pile of money getting someone who often doesn’t even fit?


Use our Alberta-based human resources staffing services to help you hire your ideal employee. Our innovative approach allows us to find your new hire faster and at a lower cost than most recruitment agencies.


Increase Retention And Save Money With Our Recruitment Consultants and Services


Our hr consultants and recruitment services will help you interview, check references and get the right people in quickly! Our staffing services have an excellent track record? We hired 59 people for one of our clients. Seven months later, we asked the Manager of that project how many of those 59 he would hire again. He said ALL of them! That’s 100% success! Our recruitment consultants did all this for less than what a typical recruitment agency charges.



Hire Right The First Time With Our Recruitment Services


Need help articulating exactly what you are looking for?  Need clear job descriptions that capture the essence of the position you are hiring for?  Our staffing services include thorough job analysis that will provide you with good job descriptions and quickly narrow the search for your ideal employee.  Our job descriptions not only help you find the candidate with the ideal skills, knowledge and abilities but also the candidate that fits with your organization’s unique culture.   Try our recruitment consultants and services to find your ideal hire.



Use Our Recruitment Agency To Hire With Confidence


Rely on our expertise to guide you through the recruitment process.  We can conduct interviews for you or coach you through the process. Our staffing services in Edmonton and Calgary use interview techniques that will expose not only positive and negative traits of your future employees, but personality characteristics that determine an ideal fit with your organization. Hire with confidence with us by your side.


Human Resources and Recruitment Services At A Glance

  • Discovery meeting with managers/supervisors to understand hiring needs
  • Development of company recruitment brand/identity
  • Preparation of effective job postings to attract top talent
  • Strategic ad placement to attact ideal candidates
  • Use of deep web search and social media techniques to find top performing candidates
  • Use of Pre-hire assessment tools to benchmark your ideal employee
  • Development of an applicant tracking system and candidate database
  • Interviewing and candidate screening
  • Manager / Supervisor interview coaching
  • Quick and effective candidate reference checks
  • Prepare legally compliant and clear offer letters
  • Negotiate start dates and compensation (where required)
  • Create and send rejection letters
  • Prepare 3 month Training Plan
  • Create recruiting metrics to gauge effectiveness of current and future efforts
  • New hire surveys

Let Us Help You To Find Great People For You To Interview

You can increase your hiring rate times using our services.


We will identify and contact great candidates who work in your industry. Our specialized candidate identification services will provide you with an extensive list of pre-qualified candidates to supplement the efforts of your full-time internal recruitment resources.  Let us help you find qualified candidates quickly.


We thrive on the challenges in finding qualified candidates for your hard to find professional and trades jobs.


When you want to work with cost effective Recruitment consultants, contact us at to find the perfect fit for your organization.