Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures

Effective Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are meant to provide guidance and clarity so that employees have an understanding of processes and guidelines for their work.  Unclear policies and procedures create confusion.  myHRpro will write your policies and procedures so they are up-to-date, legal, easy to understand, and easy to implement.


Clear Policies and Procedures

Do you want to revamp or add to your existing policies?  Do you need to more clearly outline the procedures for getting things done?  Do you know if your policies are relevant and legal? Maybe, your managers need to know more about how to follow through on your policies; or approaches to reinforce procedures. Maybe, you don’t have any policies that are in place or haven’t had the time to outline effective procedures. 


Let’s face it…sometimes you’re to busy to document policies and procedures, or when you do they are not clear or consistent and that negtively impacts performance.  myHRpro can help you avoid that.


We will write your policies, procedures and forms.  We’ll train your managers on how to apply them and we’ll help you communicate them to your staff.



Manager and Employee Handbooks

Do you need an employee manual that is easy to understand? How about interesting? We write fun, informative, legal and easy-to-read handbooks for both managers and employees.


myHRpro is your source for the best employee handbooks. Check out our sub tag Employee Handbooks for more details.



When you want everyone on the same page with clearly communicated Policies and Procedures contact  info@myhrpro.com