How to Create a Wellness Program

How to Create a Wellness Program

Hi my name is Sheryl Wolowyk and I’m the owner of myHRpro a human resource consulting firm. Welcome to our Employee retention and engagement human resources video series. This is our second human resources video in the series and today I’m going to teach you how to create a healthy workplace.


Creating healthy workplaces are vital to the success of your organization. A healthy workplace is not only crucial at an individual level but also at an organizational level. I’m Sheryl Wolowyk and as an HR consultant, I can spend days coaching employers of small businesses how to ensure they have a healthy workplace. The purpose of this short human resources video is to tell you about the two factors that you should consider when creating a healthy workplace. I will also tell you the most important solution to creating a healthy workplace.


Creating a healthy workplace has multitudes of benefits. It encourages employee retention and employee satisfaction; it promotes a safe environment for everyone to perform their daily tasks; it minimizes litigation; and it helps organizations reach their strategic objectives.


    1. The first factor to consider when developing a healthy workplace is the Stress Factor. Stress is directly related to your employees’ psychological well-being and their physical health condition. Stress from home, or stress on-the-job will directly influence productivity in the workplace. Stress can be found on a large scale such as dealing with organizational change. Employees may find it extremely difficult to work through these situations. However, a few small stresses can also add up to have a huge impact on an employee’s well-being. This may be as simple as having a personal conflict or troubles communicating with the person at the next desk, or a lack of job security. Psychological stress factors must never be overlooked or deemed too small to be dealt with. Taking proactive measures to help employees deal with stress can positively impact employee satisfaction, with their job and colleagues, increase employee retention, and improve the work environment for all employees, not just those under pressure and stress.


  1. The second factor is physical work conditions. Physical work conditions have a huge impact on the safety and well-being of your employees. Obviously provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislations must be followed. Not following proper safety considerations (such as proper safety gear) can impact your employee’s safety, health and can even have fatal results. Just like stress, however, the little things – such as a non-ergonomic desk chair can have long-term health implications. Take time to examine the physical work environment or bring in an assessment professional who can provide some quick, cost effective tips that will help to create a healthy workplace.


Now that you know some of the benefits of creating a healthy workplace I’m going to tell you the solution to creating this type of environment. The answer is strong leadership and change management skills. You, as the employer, are responsible to ensure all staff members (from upper management to casual employees) are onboard and that they work individually and as a team to promote a healthy workplace. It is your job to ensure everyone respects your leadership and also contributes to help create a safe and healthy environment. This can be as simple as making sure everyone follows the rules (in order to prevent illness and injury) and improving communication. Or it may be as complex as creating new management practices, workplace processes and adjusting your workplace culture to help employees deal with stress that may arise due to organizational change.


Dealing with stress and physical work conditions through strong leadership and change management skills is not only the key to employee retention, employee satisfaction and health, but it’s also fundamental to organizational success.


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