Employee and Labour Relations

Employee and Labour Relations

Hi my name is Sheryl Wolowyk and I’m the owner of myHRpro a human resource consulting firm. Welcome to our Employee retention and engagement human resource video series. This is our third human resource video in the series and today I’m going to teach you how to save time and money by having good employee relation strategies.


Are you a small business owner in need of advice about improving employee relations? Do you want to increase employee retention without costly rewards programs? Are you interested in increasing employee engagement and productivity?


I’m Sheryl Wolowyk owner of myHRpros and in this human resource video I’m going to uncover two things you, as an employer, should be focusing on to improve employee relations and increase employee retention.


It is important to maintain employer-employee relationships because these relationships influence productivity, motivation, and morale. The process of improving employee relations can be broken down into two parts:


The first part is preventing problems with employee relations. Here prevention is the key. There are many steps and tips employers can follow to prevent problems that will increase employee job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. In my video about Retention and Recruitment I talked about the five Rs of Retention and Recruitment: hire the Right person, Respect, Recognize, Reward and Reassure. Be sure to watch my other video to learn the details of these five Rs because they will help you prevent problems which can be costly, in terms of time and money, to your organization.


Another tip to improve employee retention is respecting your employees for their experience, and recognizing their individual accomplishments. Asking staff for their ideas and taking steps to implement them into your organizational practices, rewarding your staff for productivity, reassuring your staff of their future with your growing organization. Taking steps to communicate with your staff will help prevent problems before they start and will save you time and money in the future…which brings us to the second part of Employee relations…


Resolving problems. Taking the time to Resolve problems involving individuals or several employees, will positively affect the productivity of your organization and reduce employee turnover. Coaching may be necessary to train supervisors how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct or to address personal issues. Mediation may be necessary to resolve bigger issues such as grievances and workplace conflict involving several staff members. Whether you handle these situations with internal resources of seek the help of a professional human resource firm, it’s important to deal with these situations in a timely and proactive way before they get out of hand.


By providing coaching, training and mediation services, for your supervisors you can often prevent employee relations problems in the first place and increase employee engagement. Your organization will benefit, and you and your staff can productively focus more time and energy on your organization’s strategic goals.


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