Interviewing Techniques

Interviewing Techniques


Have you started a small business and your workload is increasing beyond what you have the capacity for?  Do you need to hire new staff but don’t know quite how to interview.  In this video I will provide you with 7 interviewing tips so you can take to conduct an effective interview.


I’m Sheryl Wolowyk from myHRpro and am going to teach you how to interview.


    1. Interviewing tip number one is when preparing for an interview, make a list of things you want to learn about the candidate (base this list on the tasks you require the new employee to do, as outlined in your job description)


    1. Second interviewing tip, is to make a list of personality traits, skills and experience the candidate must have in order to be successful in the role. (This information should have also been listed on the job description.)  For personality traits list things like detail oriented or works in a conscientious manner.  Examples of skills include advanced understanding of computer office programs such as Microsoft word and excel.  And an example of things to list for experience could include experience in customer service and dealing directly with the public.


    1. Third interviewing tip, is to make a list of questions you can ask when interviewing to discover if the candidate possesses these skills, experience and personality traits.  You don’t have to invent these questions on your own.  There are many of websites that list possible interview questions you can ask.  When interviewing ensure the are questions are relevant, precise and allow the candidate to reveal their skills, experience and personality traits.  The interview questions should not just require a yes or no answer but be open ended so that you give the candidate a chance to provide a detailed answer that will provide more insight into their skills, knowledge, experience, or personality traits.


    1. Fourth interviewing tip, don’t intimidate the candidate.  If it is obvious the interviewee is nervous, put them at ease.  They will likely reveal more about themselves when they are relaxed and not feeling intimidated by the interviewer. When interviewing a candidate you want them to feel at ease and comfortable talking with you.


    1. My fifth interviewing tip is: Don’t rush the interview.  Effective interviewing involves asking well-thought out questions that will allow the interviewee to give you the answers you need to make your decision.


    1. Sixth, provide an opportunity for the interviewee to demonstrate their skill-level by completing a sample task that the position requires them to do.  Don’t call this a ‘test’, rather an ‘opportunity’ to prove their skills.


    1. My last interviewing tip is after your interviews are complete, reflect and compare how each individual answered your questions. You should have a good idea as to which candidate will be most successful in the position.  To help you keep track of the candidates and your thoughts on their answers consider using a rating sheet to record comments and rate answers during the interviewing process.  Keeping numeric ratings can help you rank order your top candidate and the others you’ve interviewed and helps you to have a clearer idea regarding who you believe will make the best employee.  Oh and don’t forget to do reference checks before extending an offer to your top candidate.



I hope you find these 7 interviewing tips logical and useful.  Visit our website at for a tip sheet on best practices for behavioral interviewing.  Also, please see my other human resources videos on creating a job description and how to check references as this will help in the initial steps leading up to the interview process.