Performance Improvement Plan Template

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Do you have employees that looked like stars when you hired them to work for your business, who started off their jobs with great potential, but have since disappointed you? Do you still see the potential in those employees?


I’m Sheryl Wolowyk from myHRpro and in this short human resources video I’m going to give you three tips to help you create a performance improvement plan (as a part of a larger performance management system). By the end of this human resources video, you’ll know how to begin structuring a plan to get your employees back on the route to success within your organization.


So, you may be asking, what is a performance improvement plan? A performance improvement plan (sometimes referred to as PIP) is a plan created by a supervisor or manager to detail problems in a particular employees work habits, and to help define the steps the employee must take to have performance improvement.


So basically there are three basic steps you have to take in creating a Performance Improvement Plan.


The first step in your performance improvement plan is to tell the employee what they did wrong. Have a quiet, uninterrupted conversation with your employee about the tasks that were not completed do your satisfaction. Be prepared to provide specific documented examples, and also examples from other supervisors and colleagues. Just like in a performance appraisal meeting, be open to a conversation about why the employee’s quality of performance may be waning.


The second step in a performance improvement plan is to tell the employee what you expect of them in order for them to remain in their position or avoid further consequences. Once again, give details and set standards for your expectations of their behavior, attitude, quality of work, and commitment to your organization. Describe how you will work with them to meet these expectations. For example, will you be providing any particular training, resources or coaching to help them with their performance improvement. Also, discuss past goals they may have set, help them create new, manageable goals and let them know how you will help them accomplish these goals.


The third step in your performance improvement plan is to prepare for future follow-up meetings. Set specific dates when you can meet with your employee to discuss how their performance has been hopefully improving. At this point you can see if they are on track to achieving the goals they have set for themselves and also if their performance meets the standard you set for them in the initial meeting. Be sure to lay out any consequences for situations when their performance does not improve.


I hope these three simple steps help you to create a performance improvement plan. Our consulting team has witnessed many success stories of organizations who have implemented performance improvement plans, as part of a broader performance management system.


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