360 Degree Consulting

360 Degree Consulting

Hi I’m Sheryl Wolowyk from myHRpro. You may have seen my other human resources video on Manager Performance Appraisals and the role of 360 Degree Feedback Assessments where I told you the benefits of administering an assessment for your managers. In this human resources video I will discuss what’s important to consider when creating a 360 degree assessment form.



Just to summarize the purpose of a 360 Degree Assessment (which I covered in my other video) is important because, unlike other types of appraisals, the 360 Degree appraisal is effective in identifying how employees performed, not a quantitative ‘what’ they performed. The how or the behavioral causes are normally very difficult to identify and even more difficult and uncomfortable for supervisors to articulate and communicate. This is where 360 Degree assessments can be enormously useful and an effective form of performance appraisal.



360 Degree appraisals is a type of performance appraisal tool whereby an individual evaluates themselves based on a determined set of criteria, and then is evaluated by their peers, colleagues, direct reports and supervisor (where applicable) on the same criteria. A detailed gap analysis is then completed, to see how the individual perceives themselves versus how they are perceived by those around them.



360 Degree appraisal tools can be found everywhere but they vary in many ways. Our opinion at myHRpro is that it’s important to have a tool that’s customized for your organization and your performance appraisal system by a trained hr consultant. Here’s why:



  1. The first reason you should have a customized 360 Degree appraisal is because every organization is different. You want a performance appraisal tool that takes into account your organization’s vision and strategic objectives.
  2. The second reason is that, not only is your organizational structure different from others, but your management model is too. You will want an assessment tool that assesses your managers according to how they function in YOUR organization, not in someone else’s. A trained human resources consultant can ensure you are using the right tool for your organization.
  3. Organizations are all different sizes and this is very important when developing a 360 Degree appraisal tool for your performance appraisal system. Confidentiality is of huge importance when providing feedback to a manager, especially from their subordinate staff members. If it is easy to identify the respondents of the performance appraisal you will have many fall-out issues to deal with after the appraisal is completed. Employees may not provide honest answers for fear of the manager finding out how they responded. On the other hand there is a risk of hurt feelings and emotional tensions if respondents are honest. A customized tool will be created taking these issues into account and ensuring anonymity.
  4. The fourth reason a customized 360 Degree appraisal tool is preferred is so that it can be clearly written in language that your staff can understand. Organizations have employees from different walks-of-life, and you want to ensure the people answering the performance appraisal can fully understand the questions that are asked of them so they can give an honest response.
  5. The fifth reason you may want a qualified hr consultant to create a 360 Degree appraisal tool for your performance appraisal system is to ensure the tool identifies the issues you want it to. Whether it is the basic knowledge of your managers, their communication skills, their interpersonal skills or whatever core competencies you want to evaluate a trained hr consultant can ensure your performance appraisals captures this information. You will get the answers you need from the right tool, allowing you to later address the issues raised in the outcome of the feedback provided by the other staff.
  6. The sixth reason to hire a professional hr consultant is that they can help you efficiently administer the tool to only those select people who should actually be answering the questionnaire. Our human resources consultants can manage the process and prevent too much paperwork or unintended consequences. There’s no point administering a 360 degree assessment to an employee who doesn’t even have contact with the manager, for example. At the same time, you want to make sure everyone is included who should be. Often people with strong negative feelings are quick to answer performance appraisals, whereas someone who is indifferent or content will not. These two respondents are still equally important to the results of the 360 degree assessment.



360 Degree appraisals is an effective tool for collecting broad-based input and reporting on how effectively a manager is demonstrating the behaviors and skills that are considered to be important to the organization. But they will only benefit you if you use the correct process within your organization’s performance appraisal system. Visit our website at http://www.myhrpro.com/hr-management/assessments, and sign up for a free one-hour consult to see how we can help you create and administer a 360 Degree appraisal tool that will benefit your managers’ performance and your organization as a whole. We also have lots of free hr articles that you can download to help your organization run more smoothly.



Also be sure to check out my other human resources video in this performance management series that gives more information about 360 Performance Feedback for managers and Performance Appraisals.