Succession Planning


Succession Planning

Succession Planning That Leaves Your Organization Prepared

In the competitive world we live in you need employees that are skilled, experienced, and ready to perform in the jobs they currently have as well as ones they’ll be promoted into. Don’t just rely on old systems of replacement planning. Individuals move around your organization and to other organizations and when you count on a single individual to be there when you need them you expose your organization to unnecessary risk. Don’t get caught not having people to fill critical positions. Work with us to create a talent pool development system to ensure you have several individuals who are well prepared and ready to take on new and challenging roles.


Competency Based Succession Planning

Work with us to utilize our competency-based succession planning system that:

  • identifies the competency requirements for critical jobs
  • assesses candidate competencies and readiness
  • evaluates job-person matches


myHRpro’s human resources professionals use:

  • Career path “progression maps” – to identify key “feeder” jobs for lateral or higher level “target” positions within a job family or across job families.
  • Competency models – to identify employees’ skills gaps, thereby targeting specific training needs determined to be “strategic” to success of the organization.


Understanding employees’ competency allows for:

  • better training and development decision making,  
  • project assignments
  • promotion and
  • succession planning decisions.


Senior Management, HR, and/or Training Managers can use this information to identify and map critical vacancies and future growth needs that will be filled through a combination of development, promotion and recruitment. This is important to ensure that the organization has the skills needed to reach its strategic objectives.


Create Clear Career Paths And Increase Retention

We work with organizations to prepare Job Competency Models that provide detailed maps for existing employees to follow as they plan their careers and self-development. The model for any given job describes the exact competencies necessary to advance to that job, giving aspirants both secure information and incentive to acquire those competencies. That’s the kind of open opportunity that keeps talented and ambitious people working for you.


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