Human Resource Outsourcing


Human Resource Outsourcing

Do You Want?…

  • Experienced and proficient professionals to set up your Human Resources department and manage it until you recruit a permanent employee?
  • Additional resources to augment your current HR department on a short term or contractual basis?
  • To associate your organization with a reputable provider you can count on to provide professionals that can hit the ground running when you need them?


Improve Organizational Performance Using Our Human Resource Outsourcing Services

myHRpro can give you all the benefits of having a Human Resources professional dedicated to helping your company in all of its HR needs without having to create a new position within your company.


Human Resources companies provide outsourcing that can be a beneficial and cost saving alternative. Having an expert help you with various tasks allows your company to get top quality targeted assistance from human resource consultants with expertise in a specific area.


For a small company that may not be ready for a full-time HR department, this can be a great solution. Through our human resource outsourcing services myHRpro can establish the HR function and manage it until the company is large enough to hire an internal HR employee. Other companies turn to myHRpro to augment their internal HR talent with specialized know-how or periodic large scale human resource projects.


Examples of human resource outsourcing services include:


  • Help you find candidates for open positions and manage your recruitment process
  • Employee Relation to ensure employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Establishment of human resource management systems
  • Compliant employee records management
  • Compensation Analysis and salary surveys
  • Training and coaching for employee and leadership development
  • Benefits analysis and administration to ensure your rewards program is competitive in the marketplace
  • Supervisor coaching to provide assistance with a difficult disciplinary or termination situation
  • Be a sounding board for your Supervisors in actions they want to take with employees
  • Conduct an HR Compliance Audit to ensure you meet all the requirements and standards
  • Conduct required compliance training to reduce your liability
  • Provide career transition services and exit interviews for terminated employees


Take advantage of our human resource outsourcing services today and keep your company moving forward!