HR Audit


HR Audit

Improve HR Processes Using Our Human Resource Professionals

How well are your HR processes working? Figuring out what’s working well and what needs improvement can feel like a daunting task.  Most small businesses don’t have the internal human resource expertise to evaluate existing HR systems or put in place an effective human resource plan.  


Our human resource professionals can conduct a human resource audit and pinpoint what HR practices are working well and what human resource areas need improvement. 


We can help you sort through this maze of requirements by conducting an Audit of your Human Resource Practices and work with you to reduce your risk as an organization. Our human resource professionals have helped organizations in the following areas:


  • Hiring without discrimination and ensuring employment equity legislation is being followed
  • Establishing sexual harassment, legal drug testing, and other key employee policies and procedures
  • Selecting employees using legally defensible assessments that produce reliable and valid results
  • Establishment of a performance management system that helps supervisors manage employee behaviour and increase accountabilty and performance.
  • Establishing a legally defensible performance appraisal process
  • Establishing a documentation and discipline process for Supervisors when employees are underperforming


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Is Your Organization Compliant With Provincial And Federal Employment Laws?

Are you worried about what you don’t know?

Not sure if your HR practices are legally compliant or if you are committing employment violations or failing to comply with regulatory statutes?  

Unaware of leading practices that could improve performance and increase profitability?  


An HR Audit is an opportunity to assess what your organization is doing right or what you should be doing differently.  myHRpro’s human resource professionals can:

  • provide an objective review of your company’s current HR practices
  • advise you on what changes to make
  • ensure that you are compliant with provincial and federal employment laws and
  • ensure you have legally compliant policies and procedures. 
  • establish a system to deal effectively with day to day HR challenges without getting bogged down in time consuming tasks
  • help you plan for growth, and organizational changes as your business evolves.


Moving From Recommendations To Implementation

After completing an HR Audit, we will:

  • provide recommendations and work with you to prioritize next steps
  • advise you on a logical progression to improve your HR practices in both the short and long term
  • offers a menu of services that fit any budget  
  • work with your organization’s time and capacity constraints to provide practical advice on what works and what doesn’t.


Need Answers?  Our HR Audits Can Help

Here are just some of the important questions answered by an effective HR Audit;

  • Are your employee files legally compliant with Provincial legislation?
  • Have your employees completed government mandated training for their job or for Workers Compensation?
  • Do you have proper/too much/inappropriate documentation in the employee file?   
  • Do you have documented policies and procedures that are consistently followed?
  • Have you clearly outlined how to handle performance issues?
  • Are your salaries competitive in your market place?
  • Do you know why some employees leave your organization or why you have high employee turnover?
  • Are you calculating overtime pay correctly and paying it in the correct payroll? 
  • Do you practice what you publish in your Employee Handbook?
  • Are you using effective recruitment strategies that utilize the latest web technologies?
  • Are your employees adequately trained to do their jobs?


Our HR audits uncover problems that can put your organization at risk and cost you money.  Our process allows you to improve your HR practices, streamline processes, eliminate ineffective activities, and improve performance.  What you get is a well-run business that is well positioned for growth and prosperity.


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