Employee Relations


Employee Relations

Employee Relations involves maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale.   Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations.


myHRpro is a human resources services company that provides advice to supervisors on how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct.  

  • Progressive discipline, regulatory and other requirements must be considered in effecting disciplinary actions and in resolving employee grievances and appeals.  
  • Information is provided to employees to promote a better understanding of management’s goals and policies. 
  • Information is also provided to employees to assist them in correcting poor performance, on or off duty misconduct, and/or to address personal issues that affect them in the workplace.  


Contact myHRpro today for professional advisement on various employee relations issues.


Mediation Services and Assessments

Our HR consultants acknowledge and help you address the “elephants in the room” and skillfully assess your work group or individual conflicts. We:

  • Develop practical processes and make recommendations that are custom designed for your organization and people.
  • Turn workplace conflict into opportunities by conducting workplace assessments, system reviews, and investigations.
  • Develop policies and deliver custom training programs.
  • Provide executive coaching and mediation as an enhancement to our programs.


Our assistance is confidential to ensure we can bring out and fairly resolve work-related concerns. Organizations are often too close to the situation to be able to step back and assess the situation objectively. You may need a facilitator, mediator, informal fact-finder, or an avenue for feedback to upper management to build effective teams. We are skilled interviewers and are able to quickly build trust in organizations.


We believe in transparent processes and confidential discussions. We are trustworthy, we do what we say we will do, and ethical as we do not suggest what you do not need. We collaborate with other professionals to ensure our recommendations meet best practices standards and we work collaboratively with union representatives. 


Employee Assessments

The Employee Assessment is one of the most effective organizational development tools available to management. Through a series of one-on-one confidential interviews our HR consultants:

  • Conduct supervisor assessments
  • Find and utilize the best and most effective communications techniques and channels between management and employees.
  • Pinpoint issues between management and the work force and implement solutions
  • Evaluate employee attitudes toward their workplace and identify employee relations issues
  • Determine the company‚Äôs vulnerability to third-party intervention
  • Identify and monitor problematic employees and develop improvement strategies
  • Communicate with senior management to discuss findings and plan appropriate courses of action
  • Deliver recommendations on areas needing improvement through supervisor training, coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitate communication between management, supervisors and employees