Characteristics of Disengaged Employees

Disengaged Employees may show these traits:

  • Do not express any desire to know the expectations for their job roles.  No desire to meet or exceed expectations.
  • They are not curious about their organization and their place in it.
  • They perform inconsistently or at consistently low levels.
  • They do not use their talents and strengths at work every day.
  • They waste their potential, do not work with passion.
  • Are disconnected from their organizations and their jobs.
  • Do not drive innovation or move their organization forward.
  • Do not have a strong relationship with their managers or enjoy clear communications with their fellow employees.
  • They do not feel a sense of commitment toward their co-workers.
  • Are unwilling to take risks or strive for excellence.
  • May bad mouth people, spread rumours, gossip and do everything they can to undermine things.
  • Display negativity, which can quickly spread.

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