Your competitive advantage begins with your hiring practices

Building a competitive business begins with hiring employees who not only have skills and experience that are required for the job but who also fit the culture of the organization. Using the services of recruitment consultants of a reputable HR company helps expedite this process and increases the chances of hiring a great employee. At myHRpro our recruitment consultants use state of the art candidate assessments to not only identify skills and experience, but traits and personality characteristics that often are the difference between hiring an ideal employee and one that will cause grief down the road. Companies who don’t take the time to define core competencies critical for employees to do the job often find they are re-hiring a few months later, when their initial hires don’t work out. Don’t waste time and money making a hiring mistake, consider using our hr services and recruitment agency to find your ideal employee. We provide a full range or staffing services including:

• job analysis to identify key skills and abilities required to be successful in the job

• ad design and placement to gather a large pool of potential candidates

• interview guide development to carefully screen out your ideal candidates

• shortlisting and reference checking to be sure you are hiring the right person

• preparing an offer that is legally compliant and gets your potential employee to say “Yes”

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