What keeps your employees from leaving?

Employee retention is essential to the long term health of your business. Here’s how you can keep your best employees from leaving- 1) Better compensation is one of the major factors that motivate employees to shift jobs. Providing competitive compensations will help with employee retention. If you’re not sure if your compensation is competitive work with a hr consulting company to do a compensation survey. 2) Providing learning and growth opportunities will go a long way when it comes to keeping your employees motivated and satisfied. It is essential to develop a culture that fosters growth and development. Whether you do the training in-house or hire a reputable training firm like the Learning and Performance Institute keeping your employees skills and knowledge up to date will give your organization a competitive advantage and improve employee engagement and satisfaction 3) Seeking employee feedback and acting on employee suggestions will make them feel that their voice is heard and their input matters. Employees want to feel that their employer cares about their opinion and efforts to incorporate feedback from employees helps them feel more engaged and committed to the organization. For more information on employee retention contact http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

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