Leadership Know-How – By Elton Pride

Leadership concept in word tag cloud

Leadership is a particularly complex subject. Thousands of books and articles have been written about it. Countless blogs are dedicated to exploring and explaining the subject. There have even been movies made on the topic.


Despite all of the writing and formulas and carefully researched data on the subject, a good leader is relatively easy to identify. Exceptional leaders display three essential qualities and behaviors, and they know these qualities like they know their own names.


Know Yourself



Standout leaders have a keen and honest awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. They have a clear set of values and morals that inform their decisions. Clarity about oneself is the path to honest and effective self-expression. Under these circumstances acceptance and change is possible. Know yourself and lead from a position of self-knowledge, confidence and strength.


Know Your People



Standout leaders know, nourish, lead and help their people. To know is to understand, to nourish is to foster, support and watch grow, to lead is to show the way and to help is an expression of sincere care. If anyone on your team is disjointed, the entire team is disjointed. Exceptional leaders work to understand the individual needs of team members — their ability to handle stress, their learning styles, their weaknesses and strengths. Without knowing your team members as individuals, the true potential of each person and your organization cannot be realized. Know your people to get the best from your team.


Know Your Vision



You should be known for your vision. Your vision is a statement of purpose clearly indicating what you are building and where you are going. Your vision is the key to the lifeblood of your team and your organization. Vision brings clarity, purpose, focus, hope and passion – it is the means by which you team can act with confidence and purpose. A clear vision can inspire innovation and change and be the catalyst to significant achievement.

Know yourself, know your people, know your vision and
know true success for you and your people.