Are You Ready for Coaching?

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Let me tell you about my job as an executive coach and why you need to hire me as your coach. As Your Coach, my job is to help you achieve that which you currently believe is only an unachievable business goal, a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), a wishful business aspiration, and leadership challenges you are currently facing. Coaching can assist you to exceed and to make a positive difference in your business.


I believe everyone can choose to make a difference, pursue a dream, resolve old conflicts, learn the lessons they need to and move forward to make a difference in the world they live in. I firmly believe that adults are entirely accountable and capable. I coach by demonstrating intense curiosity, empathy, and positive support to my clients.


What is Coaching? Coaching is a systematic approach to assist leaders to achieve business and personal results. An executive coach helps you clarify what you want to achieve, helps you discover new perspectives and ideas, supports you to develop plans and tactics, and keeps you focused to realize your goals. Coaching is forward focused and supports you to become a better leader in your business. A coach uses a variety of assessment tools, strategies and feedback, as well as appreciative inquiry to help you move forward with your goals.


This may be very different than what you thought coaching was about – it is not remedial work, for leaders or about ‘fixing the struggling manager’. You would be surprised to learn just how many successful leaders of organizations of all sizes and sectors hire personal coaches so that they can achieve new business goals and higher levels of personal satisfaction in working with others in the workplace.


Now tell me about your leadership aspirations and challenges and let’s set up an appointment right now to talk about hiring me as your executive coach?