Six Things You Need From Your HR Consulting Company!

Busy, effective people love lists. We save them, we bookmark them, we print them out and hang them on our bulletin boards. Why? To save us time of course. So here is a great list for you to save, print and hang up on your bulletin board! When you need to hire a HR consulting company, here is a short list of things you need to look for:

  1. Honesty – really? Yes, can they deliver on what they promise to do for you? Do their clients value their proven abilities to get things done on time and cost effectively? Do they come up with a variety of recommendations and solutions to fit your budget?
  2. HR Expertise – Do the HR staff have the credentials (appropriate number of years of human resources experience) and work experience that you need to get working on your human resources concerns and issues? Is the HR consulting company clear on which staff will be assigned to work with you and your staff? Do the HR staff demonstrate personal confidence and assuredness in what they can do for you? Are they comfortable working in your business with staff at all levels?
  3. “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” – Sorry for putting that song in your head…but do the HR staff show respect for what you are trying to do and demonstrate their understanding of how your company makes a profit? Do the HR staff respect that you have budgetary and time commitments that you have made to others in your company and strive to meet these deadlines cost effectively?
  4. Help You Move Forward – Do the HR staff work on solutions and not blame you for getting yourself into this corner? Do the HR staff show their prowess in analyzing problems and identifying realistic solutions? Do the HR staff show you how to avoid the political minefields of changing human resources policies, processes and practices with your employees?
  5. Share Their Expertise with You – Do the HR staff coach and mentor you and your staff to become a more effective leaders and knowledgeable of human resources practices? Are they inclusive of working with you and your staff to analyze human resources concerns and issues and work on potential options?
  6. Give Praise and Find the “Good” in Working for Your Company? – Are the HR staff confident in recognizing great working practices and quick to praise good work in others? Respected HR professionals are always seeking great workplaces. Working with these HR consulting experts gives you great feedback on what they see is working for your company and what things you might consider doing.

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