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Organizations seek highly skilled individuals with a multitude of core competencies. We often witness hiring managers dive head-first into the competitive talent pool, determined to entice candidates with generous compensation packages and career growth. Although a competitive strategy, a key element in attracting and retaining top talent in today’s labour market is creating and committing to a “Connection”. How do you C.O.N.N.E.C.T with your future stars? We explore methods that will lead you to a competitive advantage with an engaged and connected team, and your feet planted solid on the ground!


CHALLENGE: Candidates are attracted to challenges that allow them to fully utilize their developed skills, experiences, and an opportunity to partake in the outcomes of their accomplishments. A well written job advertisement, accompanied with a detailed job profile that clearly outlines the key challenges in the role, will attract applicants who recognize your organization is dedicated to continuous learning and exploration.
OPPORTUNITY: Roles your organization is seeking to fill should be stamped with an “Opportunity Statement”. This statement is essential in the preparation of your job advertisement and job profile. Candidates will distinguish your organization as committed to employee growth and opportunity, as well as dedicated to supporting employees’ career goals.
NEGOTIATE: The decision to join your organization can trigger emotional responses from a candidate. Providing the candidate an opportunity to negotiate the contractual terms of agreement secures an immediate connection to the professional relationship, and dissolves any initial apprehension. An organization’s flexibility to employment negotiations paves the path for open communication, as well as an immediate appreciation and desire to succeed from the successful candidate.
INVEST: Recognize your employees are an important investment to the success of your organization. Leading a competitive advantage involves effective performance management and feedback systems, training programs, career planning and continuous learning opportunities. These tools are essential investments to the success of your employees and organization, and further solidify this important connection and commitment to your team.
EMPOWER: Employees often seek a cultural environment that encourages collective decision making opportunities and implementation of new ideas. Monotony in roles suppresses employees from realizing true potential. Empowering employees will encourage and strengthen their connection to your organization, their partnership and sense of ownership.
CHAMPION: Organizations should seek to “Champion” employees’ ideas, team efforts, and dedication to the organization. This Employee-of-the-Month type of incentive is very important in ensuring both individual and team successes are recognized. Coupled with an effective performance management process, an employee recognition program reiterates employee appreciation, retention is recognized as a key initiative, and connections are further strengthened.
TEAM: One of the strongest connections in an organization is that of an effective Team. A participative corporate culture recognizes and utilizes each employee’s unique skill sets and characteristics, resulting in an engaged workforce with a competitive lead in the market. Encouraging teamwork and team events builds on these important professional relationships, thus building the “home away from home” environment.

Strategic and determined efforts in attracting and retaining top talent will drive organizations to connect with all potential and current employees. Connections are key to creating an advantage in this highly competitive labour market. We can help in securing top talent, building connections and implementing these important competitive Human Resources programs! Call us today and “CONNECT” with us directly at MyHRPro!


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