Praise for myHRpro

“Boy, I hope you realize how much we have come to trust you with our company and how much influence you have had with our employees!”
A client of myHRpro, a human resources consulting company in Edmonton, recently told one of our senior human resources consultants how much he appreciated her work. He wanted her to know just how much he appreciated her efforts in helping to resolve a particularly difficult employee concern. His heartfelt comments to her resonated because she had worked diligently to find the best workplace solution for his company and the people involved. The senior human resources consultant accepted his praise but she already knew her work at this company was firmly based on her values of trust, honesty and integrity.
At myHRpro, our experienced senior human resources consultants take their work seriously and they don’t view your needs for human resources consulting as cookie cutter tasks. Recommendations and solutions to your unique people concerns are tailored to fit your company’s business and workplace culture.
Contact us today.  myHRpro is a full service human resource consulting company serving companies and organizations of all sizes in Alberta!

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