Paying Your Staff can be ‘um…well…Complicated’

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If you believe that your staff are keeping their salaries confidential from each other, you would be wrong! If they believe their salaries are set unfairly or inequitably, you can plan for high turnover, loss of productivity and low employee morale. As companies grow and take on more staff, the questions about pay and benefits start to come fast and furious.


Some of the more commonly asked questions we hear about with our clients include:


  • How do you set my rate of pay?
  • Why is so and so paid more than me?
  • When can I expect to get a pay increase?
  • Do you give bonuses?
  • What do I have to do to earn one?
  • Will you give me an advance on my bonus for next quarter?
  • I want more employee benefits and paid leave time – what are you offering?
  • When do I qualify for shift differential pay, call out pay, and overtime pay?
  • Who do you compare our salaries to?
  • Why do you want me to keep my salary a secret?
  • What can I expect to be paid if I take a promotion?
  • What is the job rate for my job?


Some of these questions are fairly straight forward and easy to answer. Others are not. As we know from experience, paying your employees can be complicated.


Many of clients we work with have never heard of creating a company compensation strategy to direct and determine what they can afford to pay for their manpower costs and retain their employees, or implementing a comprehensive pay policy so all their employees know how their pay rates are set and when their pay will be changed or amended. These clients are now facing having to answer some of these difficult questions and they are very appreciative of our assistance and years of experience working with compensation issues.


If you are facing some of these questions from your employees and need answers fast, contact us at myHRpro for a free one hour consultation. We can help you.

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