Employment testing – Helping you select the ideal applicant

Looks can be deceiving, which is why an employer can not totally rely upon what the candidate shows in the interview or in a resume. Candidates often hide their true capabilities in order to secure a job. More transparency is needed in order to see if a candidate is a good fit for the job. In order to achieve this transparency, recruiters can follow an employment testing program where the employers assess a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics through a standardized series of tests. Such a test leads to greater chances of making a good hiring decision.

Just like cells form a human being, employees form an organization. Employees have as much significance in a company as do cells in the human body. Hence, the quality of the employee makes a huge difference in the working of the organization. The kind of employment test mentioned above can increase your chances of hiring a good and really deserving candidate. The Employment Testing identifies and quantifies the important traits of each candidate, revealing the learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits that directly impact success on the job. This helps you make a more informed decision in terms of hiring people.

There are a number of benefits that your company can experience as a result of an effective employment testing program:-

· Most importantly, it allows employers to compare actual skills and abilities of candidates to the requirements of the position.

· It also helps you save time by increasing your hiring speed.

· Another advantage is that such tests enable you to set a standard for each position you’re trying to fill.

· Identifying, retaining and motivating high performing employees becomes easily achievable with employment tests.

· Employers are better able to distinguish between the deserving and undeserving candidates.

All of this collectively sums up to a better capability of selecting the candidates. If you too want your company to excel at an accelerated rate then consider employment testing. Contact myHRpro athttp://www.myhrpro.com/recruitment/employment-testing to get one designed for your company.

Employee relations – The root of a strong workforce

There are no two ways about the fact that a content employee produces better work, be it in terms of quality or quantity. The employee-employer relationship has a considerable impact on the productivity of an employee as well as the environment at the workplace. While a frustrated and dissatisfied employee will not be able to give 100% at work, a content one will have more chances of performing better than what is expected of them. There are a number of issues that arise out of work situations and later affect the employee-employer relationship. In order to keep them in check, instituting a proper employee relations program can help.

Wisely planned out mediation services ensure that your employees resolve their differences in a friendly manner and stay bonded. By conducting workplace assessments, system reviews, and investigations, employee relations service providers can come up with such unbiased solutions that would solve the conflict in a non judgmental way. Acting as a mediator, the human resource consultants can promote a better understanding in an organization.

Employee assessment is one of the most determining factors of effective employee relation program. One-on-one confidential interviews are followed in order to understand the work related concerns. A multitude of techniques are followed in order to settle down conflicts that arise. These can include but are not limited to:

· Conducting supervisor assessments.

· Identification of issues between management and the work force and diagnosing causes.

· Scrutiny of the attitude of the employee toward the workplace and recognition of employee relations issues.

· Identification of the company’s vulnerability to third-party interventions and union movements.

· Monitoring of problematic employees and development of improvement strategies.

· Communication with senior management to discuss findings and plan appropriate courses of action.

· Delivery of recommendations on areas needing improvement through supervisor training, coaching and mentoring.

· Formation of a platform for communication between management, supervisors and employees.

Following the above mentioned strategies, utilizing expert human resource consultants ensure a peaceful and satisfactory environment in your organization. For more about employee relations, visithttp://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention/employee-relations

Performance management and its benefits

Performance is the key to growth of any business. Companies wanting to gain a competitive advantage would be wise to ensure their employees are performing to the best of their ability. To enable this to happy a company needs to have a good performance management program. When setting up a program for this, ensure you consider the following:

· Development of clear job descriptions that elaborate on the goals and expected results that an employee is to achieve.

· Hiring eligible candidates by following a well thought out screening and selection process.

· Assessing employee performance by scrutinizing productivity and outcome against planned performance and articulated goals.

· Providing effective training so that employees can realize their full potential.

· Evaluating the resultant outcomes and determining the cause of inefficient performance and taking corrective action.

· Conducting quarterly performance management sessions to measure the performance of the employees and communicate findings.

· Designing adequate compensation and rewards for recognizing employees who excel in their jobs by achieving set standards in accordance with the performance plans.

· Providing guidance to employees regarding further career development.

· Counseling in terms of exit interviews to understand the reason behind employee’s discontentment and resignation or cause for poor performance.

An effective performance management program that covers all the above can prove to be extremely beneficial to a company. Benefits include:

· Financial gains – In terms of timely submission of work and growth in sales, an effective performance management program leads to financial gains in the organization.

· Motivated workforce – A well strategized training program increases the productivity of the employees and keeps them focused on their goals.

· Enhanced employee employer relationship – With better performance at work, the employee and the employer both feel confident in communicating with each other and this improves the environment at the workplace.

No matter what kind of organization you run, your success depends upon the performance of your employees. If you need assistance setting up a performance management system that fits your company give myHRpro a call. Top find out more about our human resource services, visithttp://www.myhrpro.com/performance-management

Leadership development – The backbone of a successful business

History has repeatedly proven that a good leader can bring success to even the weakest organization while a highly successful company can go bankrupt if its leader is not good enough. This is why they say that leadership development is one of the most critical aspects in the performance of a company. Using an effective leadership development training program at all levels of the organization can make a business excel by leaps and bounds.

There are four major facets of a promising leadership development program. Listed below is the detailed description of these facets:-

1) Evaluating a customized leadership development strategy for your company – No single style of leadership pertains to all given workplaces. Evaluation of the right strategy is determined by the type of work, the complexity of the organization, and the qualifications of the trainees. Better training programs can be worked out by examining the culture, systems and processes that impact the performance of your leaders. After identifying the leadership strengths and gaps, promising training procedures can be modeled for your organization.

2) Assessing the workplace through efficient tools – Many employees have the potential of leading a unit or team but they are not trained properly. A well strategized leadership development training program assesses what deters the potential employees from leading their company to success. By using methods such as behavioral assessments, multisource tools and flexible, web-enabled assessment options, trainers can identify the weaknesses of the organization and shape the training programs accordingly.

3) Selecting the development program for your leaders – after identifying the potential leaders and the strategies that would work for them, the appropriate workshop or training program is selected. From developing career planning goals for potential leaders to succession of the company’s critical roles, an integrated approach works best when selecting a program.

4) Practical application of the leadership development lessons – There are hundreds of training programs available but only a handful provide application based training. The most effective programs combine knowledge with skills and application training. Equally important is reinforcing the concepts taught back on the job with coaching and feedback. This helps learning retention and integration of the new knowledge and skills into the day to day work.

A reputed consulting company like myHRpro can help you with a great leadership development program. Contact its consultants today at http://www.myhrpro.com/contact-us

How to prevent employee attrition?

Several surveys and studies have revealed that the majority of employee attrition cases are associated with the lack of a satisfactory work environment rather than lower salaries. A lot of time and money goes into hiring and developing your people. Isn’t it wise to protect that investment? To accomplish this create an employee handbook and policy manual that requires supervisors to spend time passing on positive feedback to employees as well as providing performance feedback and expectations. Employees are more likely to perform well if they understand what is expected of them through regular feedback. Employees also tend to be more satisfied when they have ongoing communication with their direct supervisor, which helps with employee retention.

Other suggestions to improve employee retention can include incorporating employee’s suggestions into day to day operations so that employees feel that they have input into their work environment. Providing learning & development opportunities and having proper employee engagement programs also can enhance employee satisfaction. Formalize employee retention policies in an employee handbook to ensure these strategies get implemented. This will help to increase employee retention and satisfaction which will increase loyalty and commitment towards the organization and improve performance. Time and effort invested in this area can pay huge dividends. For more information on employee recognition and engagement, visit http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention.

Impressing candidates with high potential

Organizations today have become increasingly aware of the importance of competent employees for the success of their business. A lot of emphasis is put on selecting candidates who can turn into valuable potential employees for the organization. Having an effective recruitment process is critical to securing ideal employees. But searching for employees can be a tiring and time consuming process. Updating job descriptions, preparing ads, shortlisting applicants, interviewing and reference checking can make hiring a daunting task. That’s why many businesses are turning to cost effective employment agencies in Edmonton and Calgary.

Not only do professional hr consultants know how to quickly attract a pool of potential job candidates but they know how to carefully screen for behavioral and attitude characteristics that ensure a good fit with the organization. You see, having high performing employees that work well in your unique organization requires not only hiring for the right skills set but the right personality as well. At myHRpro, our Edmonton and Calgary recruitment agency ensures you have a robust approach to finding the perfect employee. When building the ideal team contact our human resource consultants in Calgary and Edmonton atwww.myhrpro.com

myHRpro: offering end to end HR services in a seamless way

With offices in Edmonton and Calgary myHRpro is a leading HR service provider that offers top notch services to clients in a cost effective and seamless way. With a team of expert HR consultants with years of experience and a practical approach to business operations myHRpro leads the way in providing cost-effective HR consulting in Alberta. HR consulting work ranges from staffing services and procedure manuals, to providing effective training and mentoring and small business consulting programs. We also create employee handbooks, ,salary surveys, orientation programs and employee retention strategies, as well as many other hr services. myHRpro provides you with simple and customized HR work to pave the way for your business progress. Feel free to contact us online at www.myhrpro.com for more information on our Alberta human resources.

Your competitive advantage begins with your hiring practices

Building a competitive business begins with hiring employees who not only have skills and experience that are required for the job but who also fit the culture of the organization. Using the services of recruitment consultants of a reputable HR company helps expedite this process and increases the chances of hiring a great employee. At myHRpro our recruitment consultants use state of the art candidate assessments to not only identify skills and experience, but traits and personality characteristics that often are the difference between hiring an ideal employee and one that will cause grief down the road. Companies who don’t take the time to define core competencies critical for employees to do the job often find they are re-hiring a few months later, when their initial hires don’t work out. Don’t waste time and money making a hiring mistake, consider using our hr services and recruitment agency to find your ideal employee. We provide a full range or staffing services including:

• job analysis to identify key skills and abilities required to be successful in the job

• ad design and placement to gather a large pool of potential candidates

• interview guide development to carefully screen out your ideal candidates

• shortlisting and reference checking to be sure you are hiring the right person

• preparing an offer that is legally compliant and gets your potential employee to say “Yes”

When you need a reputable recruitment agency in Edmonton or Calgary contact www.myhrpro.com

Can you afford not to train your employees?

Much of the success and progress of a business depends upon the quality performance of its employees. When employees are well trained and competent in their job, they meet client expectations and profits grow. If employees are not proficient or adept in their jobs then the company puts itself at risk of losing clients or not winning business in the first place. Having an employee development program ensures that employees have the knowledge and skills to perform well. Developing employees also increases employee engagement and helps with employee retention. Taking the time to define core competencies that employees require and developing a training program usually pays for itself many times over. If you require help to develop an in-house training program consider calling a reputable HR company like myHRpro or visit our website www.myhrpro.com to see more information about our hr services. We are based in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta and we have over 20 years of experience providing human resource services helping organizations develop their employees.

Does a Happy Employee = An Engaged Employee?

Many companies equate employee happiness with employee engagement. But it is important to understand that employee happiness is not the only measure of employee engagement. A fully engaged employee who’s completely loyal and committed towards his work may not necessarily be happy and satisfied with the organization. For example an employee may find their work engaging and feel a sense of fulfillment from their job but they may be very unhappy with some of the organizational policies of the company. Overtime this discontentment can grow and eventually lead to the employee leaving the organization.
Also an employee may have a high level of satisfaction with aspects of their job but may not be fully engaged at work. An employee may happy with the level of pay and benefits they receive from their job but they may not find their work stimulating or challenging for their knowledge, skills and abilities. Taking time to assess the design of the job and ensure it provides for fulfilling and engaging activities is an important part of maintaining employee retention and engagement. Also providing opportunities for employees to learn and try new things can be a very important engagement factor. For more information on employee engagement visit http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention