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We are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to expand our business and increase productivity and profits. The success of any firm lies largely on its workforce. In the cut throat business environment, to gain a competitive edge, we need to adopt cost effective and time-saving solutions, to enhance the growth and profit of the company. So that companies can now focus on their strengths and to reduce employee turnover, they now resort to human resource consulting companies that offer a multitude of benefits, helping them remain competitive in the market place.
Hiring, training, and managing people becomes more complex with more people, and it makes good sense to hire professional HR consulting services. We at MyHRpro will help you analyze your required needs and offer the ideal solution to help you run your business smoothly.
MyHrpro helps businesses to develop effective business strategies for proper workforce management. These HR consultants are well-versed and experienced in all field related to design benefits, employee recruitment, workforce planning, branding, training, payroll services and much more. Their dedication to their work ensures all the programs are in sync with the company’s strategy and desired goal.
However, HR management being a crucial and highly challenging task needs to be done only by expert professionals who are proficient and well experienced. Therefore it is imperative to avail services of a leading Human resource services that will handle all complex tasks of recruitment, training, engagement and retention, management of human resources, performance management and outlining clear policies and procedures for the company’s employees.
To make the most of your human resources, you should have the right skill and insight to hire the right people and train them accordingly. myHRpro understands how doing this and running a company can be an impossible task , and offers world class Human Resource consulting services that align your HR polices with your companies goal and vision to manage and monitor your employees performance. We offer a wide range of services that includes comprehensive HR management services right from recruitment of most suitable employees to offering customized in-house training programs, management and leadership development programs and performance management and improvement programs and others.


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When to Outsource HR Duties

For small and medium size companies, one of the major challenges of rapid growth is proper management and serving the needs of a growing workforce. Most of the time, small growing companies do not require the services of a full-time HR service and this is why many outsource their HR functions to professional HR consulting firms. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of the company,  many specialized HR consulting  services in Calgary offer a wide range of optimized solutions ensuring proper human resource management.

Start-ups and small companies have several options for human resource management expertise, ranging from outsourcing key HR functions and hiring one or more experienced HR pros. From recruitment, training, benefits, employee orientation, and maintaining personal files etc.,  HR personnel plays an important part in the smooth and efficient running of a business. Here, myHRpro comes in picture with our extensive range of world class human resources services that have helped clients gain a sound reputation in the market.

myHRpro is a highly professional human resource consulting company that helps your organization to focus on its strength, catering to all your HR needs in a very professional manner. Having an HR consultant on a retainer arrangement can be a cost-effective way to obtain necessary services and expertise. From employee recruitment to payroll services, we offer end-to-end solutions, enhancing your productivity, efficiency and profits.

The role of a proper work force management system and a well-coordinated team of expert employees are inarguable. For any businesses to reach the height of success and establish a sound and enviable brand reputation, the workforce, plays a vital role. Hence, MyHRpro works like an engine that drives corporate growth and progress. Being one the most prominent HR companies in Calgary, Canada; we are reputed for their result oriented and success-driven services and solutions.

We allow you to focus on your ultimate business goal, without having to worry about your workforce management. These human resource services help reduce the employee turnover, where you can benefit from professional and experienced HR professionals. HR management is a tedious and time-consuming process, and can take a major chunk out of your time. Working with myHRpro HR consultants, you will experience a relatively convenient and reliable service, catering to all your specific business requirements.

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Finding HR Services in the Right Place

Have you seen the commercial about buying the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV in a barn stall alongside horses and cows? This commercial catches my attention every time because I have never bought a new vehicle in a barn! It’s like shopping for something I want but in the wrong place!

Same idea applies when you are shopping for a qualified Human Resources Consulting company in Alberta!

One of our favorite clients told us that he found his first ‘hr guy’ by talking to a retired neighbor who used to be in personnel. Another client thought the young woman working in a grocery store and taking human resources courses at night could help out with some serious employee concerns in her company. After a lot more problems and unnecessary expenses, both of these clients had to admit defeat about shopping for a qualified human resources consultant in the wrong place!

If you are looking for an experienced human resources consultant, myHRpro is a well established human resources company in Edmonton, Alberta. myHRpro, a human resources consulting company, hires only qualified senior human resources consultants and serves companies and organizations of all sizes across central Alberta.

In myHRpro’s advertising, there are no references to barn yard animals! You can be assured that your company’s unique needs for human resources consulting will be addressed effectively with tailored solutions to suit you.

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Finding New Staff is a Full Time Job! Huh.

Do you know what your staff tell their family and friends about working for your company? Do you know what the people you meet every day on the job know about your company? Do you know what your family and friends think of your company?

Do all these people wish they worked for your company? Not sure?

Your company’s reputation and your ‘brand’ are so critical in today’s competitive market place to attract and retain competent employees. Why? Because people talk about work – and when they do, chances are they are telling others what they really think about their jobs and their employers. What people say to others and what they think about their employers goes a long way towards helping other people to form opinions about whether your company might be a great place to work or not!

So, what do people say about your company? Do they wish they worked for your company?

What can you do to help find the best employees for your company?

  1. You need to be looking for these great employees — all the time — regardless of where you are and who you are meeting with. You need to be talking about how great the company is and all the benefits of working for this company – even when you have no vacancies! Yes, you need to promote and market your company to potential new employees in much the same way you promote the goods and services offered by your company!
  2. You need to talk about your company in a positive light to your employees all the time. Sometimes business may not be so good, and sometimes you may be dealing with more work than you can do. No matter what the marketplace is like today or tomorrow, your employees need to hear your confidence in the company and in them. And they need to hear from you all the time about how you want to make this company a great place to work and help build careers for your employees. This is what they will remember and what they will tell their friends and family! Everyone wants to work on the “A Team!”

Need a little help and confidential advice to get started?

At myHRpro, a Human Resources Consulting company, we are experienced in helping companies of all sizes in all kinds of industries find the best qualified employees and develop human resources programs to help retain these talented people.

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Good Guy or Guy in Gorilla Suit?


Leading Your Staff to Be their Best!

How do you show up for work?  Are you known as the Good Manager that everyone wants to work for?  Or are you known as the manager who will be forever remembered as ‘my worst boss ever!!’  Managing people is complicated.  It can get very messy and expensive to reconcile miscommunications and promises not kept. Here are seven easy rules to create an elite Triple A team of workers who ‘get you’, are proud to work for you and want to be a part of your Triple A Team!!

Rule Number One:  If you stop reading after this paragraph and do only one thing, start practicing this rule, YOU CANNOT OVER COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM!  There is a ‘however’ caveat to this rule.  Communicating with your team doesn’t mean you get to talk all the time – in fact savvy managers spend much more time LISTENING!  To help you get started, I am going to give you a brand new Tool to use when you are meeting with your employees.  It’s called: ‘WAIT’ – which stands for WHY AM I TALKING?  How can you learn what is going with your employees if you don’t take the time to listen?

Rule Number Two:  Create a work place culture that is firmly based on mutual trust and respect!  Treating people fairly and equitably is so critical to helping your employees want to be a part of your Triple A team!   People always remember how you make them feel in the work place.

Rule Number Three:  It’s ok to admit to your mistakes to the team and accept the natural consequences.  When mistakes happen (and they do on a regular basis because we are only human), treat mistakes as an opportunity to learn from them.  No amount of blaming will change the past – get over it fast and help your team move forward.

Rule Number Four:  No surprises will happen if you check in regularly on your team’s progress.  Find out three things from each team member – what’s working for them, what isn’t, and what needs to change for them.  Help each team member to be a high functioning team member.  Another opportunity here to use your new WAIT tool!

Rule Number Five:  Be very explicit about what your expectations are for the team and when you need work done!  No, they can’t read your mind.  It’s no different for you.  You cannot assume you know what your employees are thinking or if they know is expected of them unless you ask.

Rule Number Six:  Celebrate big achievements AND don’t forget to recognize all the little milestones!  What comes easy to you may be a big achievement to your employees.  Be supportive – learn when to lend a hand and when to stand back to watch a team member figure out how to succeed on their own!

Rule Number Seven:  Tell everyone you meet that you have the best team! The best skills! The best ~ everything!  Why?  People want to associate with winners.  Your clients, customers, vendors, suppliers and most importantly, your employees need to hear you tell everyone you meet just how proud you are to have the best Triple A Team!


aka ‘Whose Job is It to Clean Up the Employee Staff Room?’

Accountability! We all want it but we usually want it in others. However, it doesn’t work that way in life or in the workplace. With all the finger pointing that goes on in some work places about who isn’t doing whatever needs to get done, it’s pretty amazing some days that anything gets done at all.

Why is that? And who are those people that never seem to step up and take responsibility for getting things done? You already know them! They avoid taking on any of the heavy lifting and when a project is nearing a huge successful completion, they magically appear to help carry the project to the finish line.

Why are these employees so resistant to tackling challenges? It is because personal accountability takes perseverance and personal commitment. When things get difficult and viable solutions seem to be impossible, it’s those people with personal accountability who step up and take up the challenges.

B.J. Gallagher and Steve Ventura, authors of a book called, Who Are “They” Anyway? have written a book about a tale of achieving success at work through personal accountability. They identify the most important words of personal accountability:

The 10 most important words:
I won’t wait for others to take the first step.
The 9 most important words:
If it is to be, it’s up to me.
The 8 most important words:
If not me, who? If not now, when?
The 7 most important words:
Let me take a shot at it.
The 6 most important words:
I will not pass the buck.
The 5 most important words:
You can count on me.
The 4 most important words:
It IS my job!
The 3 most important words:
Just do it!
The 2 most important words:
I will.
The most important word:

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HR Consulting Firms can help you reduce employee turnover and establish you as a preferred employer

Considering the high rate of attrition of employees in many industries and it’s far reaching consequences on businesses it is very important to take proactive measures around employee engagement and satisfaction. When a company loses its valuable employees then it translates into losses of company in terms of money, skills and experience. This directly affects productivity, profitability, and product and service quality especially when the attrition rate is quite high. A company has to bear the cost of replacement of workers, finding the right new employees, and orientation and training costs to get them up to speed.

The level of employee turnover can be significantly reduced when there is a proactive engagement program in place, clearly laid down HR policies and proactive retention strategies. Using experienced hr consultants in Edmonton or Calgary can save you time and money in setting up an effective program.

HR consulting firms will have tools and templates that can simplify tasks related to employee engagement and retention and enable your company to focus on serving client’s needs. Retention of employees and motivating them to work to the best of their abilities and capabilities through proper rewards and remuneration structures can be a vital component of the program. Using hr consultants to conduct salary surveys to ensure pay is at least at market levels, and structuring an equitable and fair compensation program can establish salary and benefits levels that keep attrition low.

Now having adequate compensation and benefits is only part of the strategy. Hr consultants can also examine the work environment and identify aspects that increase or decrease employees level of engagement and motivation. Using employee engagement surveys and other strategies to pinpoint problem areas and working on an improvement strategy, can significantly increase retention rates, as well as the quality of work performed by employees.

Consider using myHRpro when you want senior consultants to help you improve your organizations retention rates. myHRpro provides cost effective, practical hr consulting in Edmonton and Calgary. Get in touch with us at

Avail services from leading hr consulting firms in Edmonton and Calgary to meet all your targeted business goals

There are many business strategies that can give a company a competitive advantage. Providing innovative products or services, offering good value and high quality service and being responsive to client needs are key deliverables that organizations need to provide. The company’s ability to deliver on these things is directly dependent on employees’ performance and responsiveness. Companies are smart to ensure that employees have motivating environments to perform at their best. When it comes to making the most of employees’ performance having a well-defined performance management system and accountability framework also goes a long way.

Managers and supervisors often struggle to communicate performance expectations, provide ongoing feedback and frequent performance coaching. Without a well laid out system, adequate training and monitoring, performance management programs are often ineffective or at best only produce modest results. This changes when companies get serious about performance improvements and provide hr services to support performance initiatives.

Turning to experienced hr consulting firms in Edmonton or Calgary, to establish an effective program can saves time and money. Using an hr consultant helps ensure the performance management system is well thought out, fits the organizational culture and has clear outcomes. Whether the hr consultant provides advice and guidance on performance planning, and conducting evaluations, or helps structure performance improvement strategies and engagement activities, relying on hr consulting specialists, in this area can make all the difference.

An hr consultant can begin with creating an employee handbook that outlines company policies and procedures. This will provide a common understanding around behaviour and expectations that the company has of its employees. Human resource consultants can also prepare employee handbook checklists and guidance for supervisors, so that they have a good understanding of how to set performance expectations, provide feedback and coaching for performance improvement and deal with performance issues in a timely and effective manner.

Using human resource consultants that take the time to understand business strategies and corporate culture and design a performance management program around these elements will provide the best results. An hr consultant can also provide guidance on how to structure progressive discipline and accountability contracts to help employees get back on track. And having an independent hr consultant to conduct exit interviews when things don’t turn around can often shed light on issues that are affecting more than one employee in the organization.

So whether you need an employee handbook, help with performance reviews or would like to set up a complete performance management system consider using the services of myHRpro a well-established and reputable hr consulting firm in Edmonton and Calgary. Just contact us online at

MyHRpro: offering customised HR services in Edmonton and Calgary for accelerated business progress of its clients

There is no denying that a well coordinated team of experienced employees with dedication and commitment enables an organization to have success and establish a sound and enviable brand reputation. The overall importance of human resource services of a company simply can not be undermined. HR services are the engine which drives the corporate growth and progress and often the differentiator between average and excellent companies.

MyHRpro is a well-known human resource consulting company offering a complete range of HR services in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. The hr consulting company provides cost effective and seamless hr services including recruitment, supervisor training and development and performance improvement programs as well as orientation and succession planning. Besides this the human resource consulting company offers executive coaching and mentoring, performance review training, employee retention and engagement programs, and other HR services that enable its clients to reach their targeted business goals and objectives.

Whether you require experienced hr consulting to provide adviceor prompt recruitment and training services, myHRpro will cater to your business needs and requirements in a professional and cost effective way. If you want to tap the potential of your employees in the most impactful way and also provide them good opportunities for career growth and succession then consider adopting proactive retention strategies and provide suitable training programs for them. What makes myHRpro uniquely able to assist you with this is that unlike other human resource consulting companies, myHRpro has a special training division called The Learning and Performance Institute. This allows myHRpro to be able to provide over 100 different instructors and facilitators to organizations that want training and development programs.

The innovative human resource services as well as the training programs all are aimed to develop leadership abilities and empower supervisors and managers to help their organization to achieve phenomenal success. myHRpro is a reliable business partner that can provide a wide range of HR services and requirements and enable you to focus on your core business and customer needs. Feel free to contact us for any information about our human resource consulting at

Is a good employee leaving your company? – Conduct exit interview to learn why

Though the resignation of a hard working employee is never a good thing for a company, it can present an opportunity for a company to make important changes that benefit operations in the long run. The voluntary withdrawal of an employee is like a double edged sword. On one hand, one can be disappointed about the departure, while on the other hand, the company can learn about its weaknesses from the feedback provided by the employee. Exit Interviews are the best source of extracting information about what made the employee depart from the company. The organization after recognizing its flaws can work on improving upon them. Being the most accurate instrument in assessing the issues that drive an individual to leave an organization, such interviews help organizations grow in terms of content employees.

A standard exit interview covers the following key points:-

· Inquiring whether the employee’s expectations were met by the company – Departing employees are asked questions regarding salary, benefits and the work environment so that things can be improved around the company. Reviewing these areas can bring a significant change in the working of the company and lead to greater contentment among other employees.

· Determining the factors that make the workplace unsatisfactory – Evaluation of an employee’s experience in your company can help you pinpoint the area that is the weak point in your organization. With constructive feedback and insight from departing employees, you can make sure that no other employee resigns for the same reason.

· Acts as a non-judgmental way of knowing why the employee is leaving – Skilled hr consultants have expertise in making the employee feel comfortable in the exit interview. Through an unbiased conversation, they help the employee speak up about their real reason of resigning from the company. Employers can learn how their policies and day to day operations influenced the decision of the employee to leave and in cases where it warrants, make appropriate changes.

· Cultivate goodwill towards the organization – Having former employees speak positively about the company is smart business. During the exit interview, HR consultants can show appreciation towards the employee for what they had contributed to the company and make sure that they leave on a positive note.

Make sure that you too benefit from an employee’s departure rather than just lament over it. Contact myHRpro now at to know more about our exit interview human resource services.