Good Guy or Guy in Gorilla Suit?


Leading Your Staff to Be their Best!

How do you show up for work?  Are you known as the Good Manager that everyone wants to work for?  Or are you known as the manager who will be forever remembered as ‘my worst boss ever!!’  Managing people is complicated.  It can get very messy and expensive to reconcile miscommunications and promises not kept. Here are seven easy rules to create an elite Triple A team of workers who ‘get you’, are proud to work for you and want to be a part of your Triple A Team!!

Rule Number One:  If you stop reading after this paragraph and do only one thing, start practicing this rule, YOU CANNOT OVER COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM!  There is a ‘however’ caveat to this rule.  Communicating with your team doesn’t mean you get to talk all the time – in fact savvy managers spend much more time LISTENING!  To help you get started, I am going to give you a brand new Tool to use when you are meeting with your employees.  It’s called: ‘WAIT’ – which stands for WHY AM I TALKING?  How can you learn what is going with your employees if you don’t take the time to listen?

Rule Number Two:  Create a work place culture that is firmly based on mutual trust and respect!  Treating people fairly and equitably is so critical to helping your employees want to be a part of your Triple A team!   People always remember how you make them feel in the work place.

Rule Number Three:  It’s ok to admit to your mistakes to the team and accept the natural consequences.  When mistakes happen (and they do on a regular basis because we are only human), treat mistakes as an opportunity to learn from them.  No amount of blaming will change the past – get over it fast and help your team move forward.

Rule Number Four:  No surprises will happen if you check in regularly on your team’s progress.  Find out three things from each team member – what’s working for them, what isn’t, and what needs to change for them.  Help each team member to be a high functioning team member.  Another opportunity here to use your new WAIT tool!

Rule Number Five:  Be very explicit about what your expectations are for the team and when you need work done!  No, they can’t read your mind.  It’s no different for you.  You cannot assume you know what your employees are thinking or if they know is expected of them unless you ask.

Rule Number Six:  Celebrate big achievements AND don’t forget to recognize all the little milestones!  What comes easy to you may be a big achievement to your employees.  Be supportive – learn when to lend a hand and when to stand back to watch a team member figure out how to succeed on their own!

Rule Number Seven:  Tell everyone you meet that you have the best team! The best skills! The best ~ everything!  Why?  People want to associate with winners.  Your clients, customers, vendors, suppliers and most importantly, your employees need to hear you tell everyone you meet just how proud you are to have the best Triple A Team!

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