Finding New Staff is a Full Time Job! Huh.

Do you know what your staff tell their family and friends about working for your company? Do you know what the people you meet every day on the job know about your company? Do you know what your family and friends think of your company?

Do all these people wish they worked for your company? Not sure?

Your company’s reputation and your ‘brand’ are so critical in today’s competitive market place to attract and retain competent employees. Why? Because people talk about work – and when they do, chances are they are telling others what they really think about their jobs and their employers. What people say to others and what they think about their employers goes a long way towards helping other people to form opinions about whether your company might be a great place to work or not!

So, what do people say about your company? Do they wish they worked for your company?

What can you do to help find the best employees for your company?

  1. You need to be looking for these great employees — all the time — regardless of where you are and who you are meeting with. You need to be talking about how great the company is and all the benefits of working for this company – even when you have no vacancies! Yes, you need to promote and market your company to potential new employees in much the same way you promote the goods and services offered by your company!
  2. You need to talk about your company in a positive light to your employees all the time. Sometimes business may not be so good, and sometimes you may be dealing with more work than you can do. No matter what the marketplace is like today or tomorrow, your employees need to hear your confidence in the company and in them. And they need to hear from you all the time about how you want to make this company a great place to work and help build careers for your employees. This is what they will remember and what they will tell their friends and family! Everyone wants to work on the “A Team!”

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