Employee engagement activities

It’s been said that an engaged employee is a productive employee. Engagement activities will go a long way when it comes to enhancing the level of employee productivity and can positively impact employee retention. To increase¬†employee retention¬†and engagement consider these hr tips. 1) Celebrate special milestones for the business, including team successes, as well as holiday occasions such as Christmas to improve employee engagement. Celebrating together boosts morale and helps employees feel an emotional connection to the company. 2) Organize social gatherings and provide an opportunity for employees to make friends with each other. Employee engagement increases when staff members socialize with one another. 3) Arrange for employees to volunteer for charities while on the company payroll. This will build a sense of community and benefits non-profit organizations. It also creates a sense of pride in belonging to an organization that does good community work. For more information on employee engagement viewhttp://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention.

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