Canadians are expecting better working opportunities in 2013

In one of the latest surveys on employment trends for 2013, it was reported that compared to last year, Canadians are more optimistic and upbeat about employer’s investments in the workplace. Around 40% of employees expect more training and development opportunities in 2013, from their employers. Similarly, companies are expecting a modest increase in hiring especially in Provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. Companies are also reporting that they expect to make more strategic investments in upgrading technology, processes and other resources that strengthen their competitiveness, as companies slowly spend some of the accumulated capital on their balance sheets.  These measures are also expected to positively contribute to productivity and employee satisfaction. The findings of the survey reflect the modestly upbeat mood of employers in Canada but global economic troubles still may cause concern for Provincial economies in Canada. For information on employee retention, employee appraisal, and human resources consulting services contact

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