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There are many business strategies that can give a company a competitive advantage. Providing innovative products or services, offering good value and high quality service and being responsive to client needs are key deliverables that organizations need to provide. The company’s ability to deliver on these things is directly dependent on employees’ performance and responsiveness. Companies are smart to ensure that employees have motivating environments to perform at their best. When it comes to making the most of employees’ performance having a well-defined performance management system and accountability framework also goes a long way.

Managers and supervisors often struggle to communicate performance expectations, provide ongoing feedback and frequent performance coaching. Without a well laid out system, adequate training and monitoring, performance management programs are often ineffective or at best only produce modest results. This changes when companies get serious about performance improvements and provide hr services to support performance initiatives.

Turning to experienced hr consulting firms in Edmonton or Calgary, to establish an effective program can saves time and money. Using an hr consultant helps ensure the performance management system is well thought out, fits the organizational culture and has clear outcomes. Whether the hr consultant provides advice and guidance on performance planning, and conducting evaluations, or helps structure performance improvement strategies and engagement activities, relying on hr consulting specialists, in this area can make all the difference.

An hr consultant can begin with creating an employee handbook that outlines company policies and procedures. This will provide a common understanding around behaviour and expectations that the company has of its employees. Human resource consultants can also prepare employee handbook checklists and guidance for supervisors, so that they have a good understanding of how to set performance expectations, provide feedback and coaching for performance improvement and deal with performance issues in a timely and effective manner.

Using human resource consultants that take the time to understand business strategies and corporate culture and design a performance management program around these elements will provide the best results. An hr consultant can also provide guidance on how to structure progressive discipline and accountability contracts to help employees get back on track. And having an independent hr consultant to conduct exit interviews when things don’t turn around can often shed light on issues that are affecting more than one employee in the organization.

So whether you need an employee handbook, help with performance reviews or would like to set up a complete performance management system consider using the services of myHRpro a well-established and reputable hr consulting firm in Edmonton and Calgary. Just contact us online at www.myhrpro.com

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