Six Things You Need From Your HR Consulting Company!

Busy, effective people love lists. We save them, we bookmark them, we print them out and hang them on our bulletin boards. Why? To save us time of course. So here is a great list for you to save, print and hang up on your bulletin board! When you need to hire a HR consulting company, here is a short list of things you need to look for:

  1. Honesty – really? Yes, can they deliver on what they promise to do for you? Do their clients value their proven abilities to get things done on time and cost effectively? Do they come up with a variety of recommendations and solutions to fit your budget?
  2. HR Expertise – Do the HR staff have the credentials (appropriate number of years of human resources experience) and work experience that you need to get working on your human resources concerns and issues? Is the HR consulting company clear on which staff will be assigned to work with you and your staff? Do the HR staff demonstrate personal confidence and assuredness in what they can do for you? Are they comfortable working in your business with staff at all levels?
  3. “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” – Sorry for putting that song in your head…but do the HR staff show respect for what you are trying to do and demonstrate their understanding of how your company makes a profit? Do the HR staff respect that you have budgetary and time commitments that you have made to others in your company and strive to meet these deadlines cost effectively?
  4. Help You Move Forward – Do the HR staff work on solutions and not blame you for getting yourself into this corner? Do the HR staff show their prowess in analyzing problems and identifying realistic solutions? Do the HR staff show you how to avoid the political minefields of changing human resources policies, processes and practices with your employees?
  5. Share Their Expertise with You – Do the HR staff coach and mentor you and your staff to become a more effective leaders and knowledgeable of human resources practices? Are they inclusive of working with you and your staff to analyze human resources concerns and issues and work on potential options?
  6. Give Praise and Find the “Good” in Working for Your Company? – Are the HR staff confident in recognizing great working practices and quick to praise good work in others? Respected HR professionals are always seeking great workplaces. Working with these HR consulting experts gives you great feedback on what they see is working for your company and what things you might consider doing.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: myHRpro is EXPANDING into the Central Okanagan!

Effective October 1, 2014, myHRpro has expanded into the central Okanagan – serving businesses in Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, and Osoyoos, British Columbia.

We may be new to the Central Okanagan; but we are very experienced human resources consultants with years of experience working with business leaders in companies of all sizes and industries!

We offer human resources consulting and coaching services to organizations and business of all sizes. We offer simple, cost-effective, and effective solutions and customized approaches to address your business needs. We work with business of all sizes and not for profit organizations.

Human Resources is our business and we are very experienced in coaching business leaders to manage their workplace issues and concerns.

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Multi-faceted role of HR consulting companies

Every business, to run smoothly and glitch free, requires the services of an HR department. However, a full time HR service is not viable for all types of companies and small to medium size companies especially can outsource their HR needs and hire professional HR consultants. The field of HR is a complex one, with ever changing employee laws, one needs to develop good HR policies in order to prevent penalties and any legal problems. This is why many start-ups and growing companies resort to HR companies as these are cost-effective, productive and time saving investments.
Human resource management involves managing and recruitment of people who work for the organization. Only through proper management of the workforce, a company can explore its full potential and achieve long term goals. Running an enterprise is a challenging and demanding task, and to reduce costs and free time up for managers, hiring a top-notch human resource services like myHRpro is a wide decision.
myHRpro is a Canadian HR consulting company that handles all the HR related issues and administration, so that you can leverage the streamlined efficiencies of your organization, creating significant savings in both time and money. We offer customized HR solutions based on your company’s growth, keeping all factors in mind. Developing employee management solutions that are in tuned with your company’s policies, strategies and goal is a must and our experienced HR consultants ensure enhanced productivity, motivation and profits.
myHrpro can develop your customized Human resource services based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business. They provide you with the freedom to focus on growing your business every day. For a company to soar, a proper and reliable human resource management program is necessary, this includes setup and compliance, employee orientations and new hire paperwork, employee files, employee handbooks and job descriptions, termination services, severance assistance, and more. Management training, recruitment, conflict resolution, strategy session etc. are also part of the responsibility of HR consultants.
Gaining control, saving time, reducing costs, improving focus are just some of the benefits you’ll find when you outsource HR functions.
Whether in Calgary or Edmonton, myHRpro provides flexible and effective Human resource services which involve prompt recruitment. If you wish to maximize the potential of your employees, evaluate their progress or build loyalty, hiring myHRpro HR consultants in Edmonton will help you keep your employees motivated, engaged and working more efficiently. Contact us to learn more. – meeting all your desired business goals

Running a business is not a one man job. It requires developing various business strategies, recruiting and training employees, developing policies and employee handbooks that form the cornerstone of a company. HR, especially, is a complex area, and while you might not need a full team of HR professionals, you can get valuable assistance when you need it by outsourcing.
To reduce costs and time associated with recruitment and selection, hiring human resources consultants creates innumerous opportunities, where you can save buck loads of money, time and effort. Consultants work with a holistic approach and also improve performance of employees through new training programs and helping you remain competitive in the marketplace. HR consultants are well-experienced in all HR related issues- right from recruitment, selection, training, motivating, benefits, etc.
When it comes to human resource management, MyHRpro is one HR consulting Calgary company, making all the right noises. Serving Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta, they offer a fine range of human resource services that have made them one of the most sought-after HR companies in Canada.
MyHRpro has a wide and extensive list of clientele where their Human resource consultants work with organizations and perform hiring, interviewing and recruitment duties. Running an organization is not an easy task, and to engage top management in the hiring and recruitment process is not practical. Hence, these professionals work on delivering the best HR services to ensure the smooth running on the organization, and attract a skilled and talented workforce to the company.
Investing in HR consulting services at the right point in a company’s growth can offer a significant return in the long run. Whether your company is based in America or in Canada, without an effective HR management team you cannot get the desired level of business progress and growth. The absence of well laid out HR policies and procedures or an effective, motivating work environment, results in employees leaving the company and switch to other for better prospects. With myHRpro’s Edmonton Human resource consultants, you can create a sound and effective system to reduce employee turnover and save huge amounts of money and time.
When it comes to recruiting the most suitable employees, or get the comprehensive employee training services then very few companies can match the experience and expertise of MyHRpro. This Calgary human resources company has gained a stronghold in the industry through their various successful training programs and HR services that have driven many companies to huge success.

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Praise for myHRpro

“Boy, I hope you realize how much we have come to trust you with our company and how much influence you have had with our employees!”
A client of myHRpro, a human resources consulting company in Edmonton, recently told one of our senior human resources consultants how much he appreciated her work. He wanted her to know just how much he appreciated her efforts in helping to resolve a particularly difficult employee concern. His heartfelt comments to her resonated because she had worked diligently to find the best workplace solution for his company and the people involved. The senior human resources consultant accepted his praise but she already knew her work at this company was firmly based on her values of trust, honesty and integrity.
At myHRpro, our experienced senior human resources consultants take their work seriously and they don’t view your needs for human resources consulting as cookie cutter tasks. Recommendations and solutions to your unique people concerns are tailored to fit your company’s business and workplace culture.
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myHRpro: For apt and highly efficient HR management solutions

We are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to expand our business and increase productivity and profits. The success of any firm lies largely on its workforce. In the cut throat business environment, to gain a competitive edge, we need to adopt cost effective and time-saving solutions, to enhance the growth and profit of the company. So that companies can now focus on their strengths and to reduce employee turnover, they now resort to human resource consulting companies that offer a multitude of benefits, helping them remain competitive in the market place.
Hiring, training, and managing people becomes more complex with more people, and it makes good sense to hire professional HR consulting services. We at MyHRpro will help you analyze your required needs and offer the ideal solution to help you run your business smoothly.
MyHrpro helps businesses to develop effective business strategies for proper workforce management. These HR consultants are well-versed and experienced in all field related to design benefits, employee recruitment, workforce planning, branding, training, payroll services and much more. Their dedication to their work ensures all the programs are in sync with the company’s strategy and desired goal.
However, HR management being a crucial and highly challenging task needs to be done only by expert professionals who are proficient and well experienced. Therefore it is imperative to avail services of a leading Human resource services that will handle all complex tasks of recruitment, training, engagement and retention, management of human resources, performance management and outlining clear policies and procedures for the company’s employees.
To make the most of your human resources, you should have the right skill and insight to hire the right people and train them accordingly. myHRpro understands how doing this and running a company can be an impossible task , and offers world class Human Resource consulting services that align your HR polices with your companies goal and vision to manage and monitor your employees performance. We offer a wide range of services that includes comprehensive HR management services right from recruitment of most suitable employees to offering customized in-house training programs, management and leadership development programs and performance management and improvement programs and others.


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When to Outsource HR Duties

For small and medium size companies, one of the major challenges of rapid growth is proper management and serving the needs of a growing workforce. Most of the time, small growing companies do not require the services of a full-time HR service and this is why many outsource their HR functions to professional HR consulting firms. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of the company,  many specialized HR consulting  services in Calgary offer a wide range of optimized solutions ensuring proper human resource management.

Start-ups and small companies have several options for human resource management expertise, ranging from outsourcing key HR functions and hiring one or more experienced HR pros. From recruitment, training, benefits, employee orientation, and maintaining personal files etc.,  HR personnel plays an important part in the smooth and efficient running of a business. Here, myHRpro comes in picture with our extensive range of world class human resources services that have helped clients gain a sound reputation in the market.

myHRpro is a highly professional human resource consulting company that helps your organization to focus on its strength, catering to all your HR needs in a very professional manner. Having an HR consultant on a retainer arrangement can be a cost-effective way to obtain necessary services and expertise. From employee recruitment to payroll services, we offer end-to-end solutions, enhancing your productivity, efficiency and profits.

The role of a proper work force management system and a well-coordinated team of expert employees are inarguable. For any businesses to reach the height of success and establish a sound and enviable brand reputation, the workforce, plays a vital role. Hence, MyHRpro works like an engine that drives corporate growth and progress. Being one the most prominent HR companies in Calgary, Canada; we are reputed for their result oriented and success-driven services and solutions.

We allow you to focus on your ultimate business goal, without having to worry about your workforce management. These human resource services help reduce the employee turnover, where you can benefit from professional and experienced HR professionals. HR management is a tedious and time-consuming process, and can take a major chunk out of your time. Working with myHRpro HR consultants, you will experience a relatively convenient and reliable service, catering to all your specific business requirements.

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Finding HR Services in the Right Place

Have you seen the commercial about buying the new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV in a barn stall alongside horses and cows? This commercial catches my attention every time because I have never bought a new vehicle in a barn! It’s like shopping for something I want but in the wrong place!

Same idea applies when you are shopping for a qualified Human Resources Consulting company in Alberta!

One of our favorite clients told us that he found his first ‘hr guy’ by talking to a retired neighbor who used to be in personnel. Another client thought the young woman working in a grocery store and taking human resources courses at night could help out with some serious employee concerns in her company. After a lot more problems and unnecessary expenses, both of these clients had to admit defeat about shopping for a qualified human resources consultant in the wrong place!

If you are looking for an experienced human resources consultant, myHRpro is a well established human resources company in Edmonton, Alberta. myHRpro, a human resources consulting company, hires only qualified senior human resources consultants and serves companies and organizations of all sizes across central Alberta.

In myHRpro’s advertising, there are no references to barn yard animals! You can be assured that your company’s unique needs for human resources consulting will be addressed effectively with tailored solutions to suit you.

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