About Us


Our Mission

Provide human resource services that are straight-forward, impactful and help companies improve operations and profitability. We take the time to understand your organization’s strategic objectives and provide assessments to help analyze what programs or HR services will have the most impact to ensure you receive value for your investment. We listen to understand what will work in your organizational culture, and we adapt our approach to ensure you are not only satisfied but delighted with the programs and human resource services you receive.



Leading Human Resource Practices

We understand that you have many options to meet your organization’s human resource management needs and with every job we do we seek to earn your business both now and in the future. We stay current with the leading thinking in our field so you can trust that the recommendations we provide are based on the most current and well researched thinking in the field of human resource management.


Practical HR Tools and Approaches


Our multifaceted approach to human resource management, ensures that all programs and  HR services are targeted to meet your personal performance improvement requirements and link directly to driving your organizational objectives. What do you get? HR Tools and techniques you can apply immediately – and results you can measure.


Our HR Services


Our HR services include a full array of training and development and performance improvement programs and services including employee and organizational assessments; management and leadership development programs; performance management and improvement systems; career and succession planning programs; executive coaching and mentoring; recruiting; employee retention and engagement programs; termination and outplace; and operational excellence systems and programs.


Our Learning and Development Division


Our training division, The Learning and Performance Institute, along with our partner, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (York University), offer a wide selection of learning and development programs targeted to the essential areas that drive business performance. These areas drive decisions made throughout the business, from the strategic to the tactical. Our programs empower leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills to drive bottom line results.


Together myHRpro and our training division, the Learning and Performance Institute (www.developyourpeople.com), provide an extensive selection of human resource management and development products and services.  Contact us today to discuss our approach to meeting your needs.