Career Planning


Career Planning

In order to keep up with today’s fast pace and competitive markets, organizations must foster an environment of continuous learning and staff development. Employees and leaders alike must take a more proactive approach in managing their learning and career development.  Not only will this ensure productive, capable employees, but research studies have proven that organizations that place an emphasis on training and career planning have higher retention rates than companies that don’t.


myHRpro offers a workshop that leads participants through the process of career planning and goal setting, with a focus on developing personal learning plans that support employee development and organizational growth.


Program Components Include:

Preparing for the Journey
Based on the metaphor of traveling as part of career growth, participants will gain a better understanding of their personal style, career interests and learning preferences.


Identifying Career Roadblocks
Participants will identify any roadblocks that might prevent them from reaching their career destination, and develop strategies to overcome them.


Choosing the Next Destination
Participants will learn how to set realistic, informed career goals and plans based on potential opportunities and building their qualifications to meet organizational expectations. These career goals can also be used in pre-retirement planning.


Identifying Travel Needs
Once participants have identified their career goals and the need for training and development, they will create an action plan to address the learning gaps and to develop new skills.


Planning the Travel Route
Participants will learn what resources and programs are available to take them to the next step in their career path. This includes what programs, finances and training opportunities are available internally, as well as external opportunities such as universities and career centres.


Hitting the Road
Participants will draft a learning and development plan, based on their career goals and performance expectations as set by their managers.


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