Employee Handbooks


Employee Handbooks

Manager and Employee Handbooks

Have you ever read an employee manual that was easy to understand? How about interesting? We write them in a fun, informative, legal and easy-to-read way.


Managers Handbook:

Get your managers on the same page. Need something to provide guidance to managers so they can supervise with confidence and have a consistent approach.Our managers handbooks provides step by step instructions for your managers describing how to carry out the policies and procedures for your organization. What you get is a clear and consistent approach, that gives you a cohesive managerial team.



Employee Handbook:

Our employee handbook does more than just outline policies and procedures. Policies are communicated in an engaging way so they are clear and easy to remember. We provide procedures and forms that lead to more effective operations and capture the information you need. When you want to build employee engagement and do more than just convey the ‘rules’ contact myHRpro and see how our innovative approach to creating employee handbooks gives your organization a competitive advantage.



Handbooks That Resonate

Are you missing an opportunity to market your company to your employees? Your employee handbook touches every employee and you want it to have an impact. Why not be clear about what makes your company stand out above other companies. Our unique approach does more than communicate the “dos” and “don’t”. Typical handbooks are cold and sterile and they all look and feel the same. Our employee handbooks bring insight into your company’s history and defining moments. Create pride and a sense of belonging and clarity that will impact the day-to-day office environment.



Interesting, Easy to Read, and Impactful

myHRpro can create an impactful handbook that both highlights your unique company and assists your employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within the company.


Your Up-to-Date Handbook Will:

  • Be legal
  • Be easy to understand
  • Not be written in ‘HR Speak’
  • Get new employees onboard faster
  • Help your managers understand their roles
  • Communicate the reason why employees want to be in your organization (Why you’re better than the competition?)
  • Be filled with useful information that is easy to use.


myHRpro is your source for the best employee handbooks.


Contact us at info@myhrpro.com and we’ll share our secret approach to developing an employee handbook that improves your employee’s performance.