Performance Planning


Performance Planning

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.” – Lewis Carroll

Owners of high performing organizations understand two important types of planning:

  1. Strategic planning – to overcome the competition.
  2. Performance planning – to focus employee’s activities on the key priorities of the business. 


Planning ensures that careful thought goes into establishing the competitive direction of the organization and determines what things employees need to focus on and get done. 

High performing organizations ensure employees day to day efforts are aligned with business strategy so that strategic objectives can be met.  


Successful organizations work with myHRpro to develop Individual Performance Plans (IPP) to improve performance and accomplish company strategies.


What Is An Individual Performance Plan?

An individual performance plan (IPP) is a results-orientated plan which documents an employee’s goals, objectives, and action plans associated with:


  • The main duties of the employees’ position
  • Developmental needs of the individual, which when met improve performance, and
  • Appropriate prioritised items from the organizations strategic plans for which the employee is responsible for.


The purpose of the IPP is to clarify expectations and focus individual activities to achieve specific results that enable the organization as a whole to reach strategic objectives such as increasing profitability, growing market share, or improving quality.


The process results in a documented plan developed by an employee and Supervisor which clearly identifies the expected results as well as the behaviours and skills the individual is expected to demonstrate.


Why Set Goals?

Well-defined goals focus employee activities so that the organization as a whole can accomplish important business outcomes which are necessary to achieve overall desired results for the organization.


Performance planning translates these organizational goals to results, which typically are described in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness or cost.


Goals should be “SMART”, an acronym that stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Acceptable
  • Realistic to achieve
  • Time-bound with a deadline.


For example, an overall goal may be to increase the organization’s profit by 30% by the end of the next fiscal year. An associated strategy (or sub-goal), among others, may be to increase profit of the Manufacturing Department by 50% over the next fiscal year.

The advantages gained by effective goal setting are:


  •      A clear direction is established for employees so they know what needs to be accomplished
  •      Expected results are identified and performance standards articulated
  •      Performance levels are heightened by defining results to be achieved
  •      Procrastination and uncertainty is reduced
  •      Employee ownership for results is increased
  •      Communication and teamwork is enhanced
  •      The focus for employee activities is on “important” rather than “urgent” day-to-day items
  •      Wasted time and energy decreases and individual and organizational performance increases


myHRpro works with organizations to help them establish a system for “SMART” goal setting that improves business performance.


The Power Of Clear Objectives


An objective provides the specific directions that will make the goal statements a reality. An objective describes clearly and concisely what is to be achieved and accomplished.  Detailed objectives include what will be done, how it will be measured and when it will be completed. 


Working with our skilled Performance Consultants will ensure that employee’s efforts support key corporate objectives.



Putting The “Plan” Into Action

Action plans are the steps that employees take to achieve the end result.  Each step defines individual tasks that need to be done in order to achieve the goal and objectives as stated.  Each action step includes what is to be done and when each step will be completed.  It may also include who is responsible for doing it if more than one person is responsible for the result.


Planning alone won’t ensure business success.  myHRpro works with organizations to turn plans into carefully executed action. 


Moving from Planning to Performance

When you’re ready to take your organization to the ‘next level’ contact our consultants to help you achieve your corporate strategy.  We’ll work with your organization to understand your key corporate objectives and help you establish a framework to ensure your employee’s activities improve organizational performance


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