Performance Improvement


Performance Improvement

From time to time employee’s performance may fall short of expectations.  This not only impacts the outcomes of the organization, but impacts customers and can frustrate Supervisors.  Rather than ignore the problem, allow it to fester and impact other employees, or revert to termination as a first resort, consider working with us to help you develop a Performance Improvement Plan.


Our HR Consultants have years of experience in creating high performance work environments.  We work with organizations to create a Performance Management System that not only enables high performance but also can be used to turnaround poor performers. 


Effective Performance Improvement Plans 

Clarify expectations and Improve Communication with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).  A PIP is an important part of a robust Performance Management System. It is designed to facilitate constructive discussion between an employee and their Supervisor and to clarify the work performance that needs to be improved.  Our proven process:

  • identifies the job duties or responsibilities that are not being performed at an acceptable level
  • outlines performance deliverables and minimum expectations that must be achieved within a given timeframe
  • lays out clear guidelines so the employee knows what is expected of them
  • enables employees to set goals with the help of their Supervisor
  • increases the chances of turning around the behavior of a poor performing employee
  • ensures accountability by measuring the progress of the employee
  • provides guidance to Supervisors so they can take action quickly and confidently.


Take away the guess work, frustration and anxiety that often comes from dealing with performance issues, and turn to our HR consultants to guide you through the process. 


Training and Development

Performance issues sometimes arise because of a lack of knowledge or skills rather than a lack of motivation or desire on the part of the employee.  In these situations a Performance Improvement Plan may include training and development activities.  Our experienced HR consultants can help discern the root cause of the performance problems and provide a recommended approach to improving performance. 


When the situation requires employee training and development you can count on our expertise in instructional design and job aid development as well as draw on our extensive pool of expert instructors to meet your training and development needs.  Whether you require:

  • coaching to reinforce behavior changes,
  • a customized training program for a group of employees, or
  • need some checklists and job aids developed to ensure high performance


contact us to discuss our array of training solutions and how we can provide a tailored approach for your organization.


Measuring the Results

Once the Performance Improvement Plan has been completed, you need to determine whether or not it was successful. Our HR consultants provide you with a pre-established method to measure your employee’s progress that will make it easy and unquestionable to determine if your employee has improved enough to meet basic performance standards.


If the Performance Improvement Plan was successful, your employee will be back on track and contributing to the success of the company.   Conversely, if the plan failed to improve your employee’s performance, then a different course of action needs to be taken to rectify the situation, and this may include dismissal of the employee.


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