Uncomfortable With Termination?

When you know an employee is no longer a good fit and you know you need to do something about it…

When the best thing for the employee and the team is to let that person go…

When you are dreading the conversation and the legalities surrounding it…

Call myHRpro.

Employee Termination

When you terminate you must:

  • make sure your good reputation stays intact
  • ensure your financial liability is managed
  • minimize the emotional impact


We will help your dismissal go as smoothly as possible with as little emotional or financial cost.


When you realize an individual can no longer be successful in your organization and you need to transition them, turn to us for our experience and professionalism in handling the situation.

Keeping Those Left Behind Engaged

There is an emotional impact on individuals when they lose their colleague and this can negatively impact the performance of your company. We will help you create a plan to ensure your team continues to be strong and high-functioning.


Dismissals are a part of doing business. Let myHRpro’s HR consultants make them as painless as possible for employer and employee.


Contact us at info@myhrpro.com, an Edmonton Recruitment Agency, and we’ll provide you with the termination process you need.