Employment Equity and Diversity


Employment Equity and Diversity

Employment Equity

Employment equity programs help organizations to achieve equality and fairness in the workplace. Employment equity encourages the establishment of working conditions that are free of barriers for the Federally regulated, four designated groups:

  1. Women
  2. Aboriginal peoples
  3. Persons with disabilities and
  4. Members of visible minorities.


myHRpro works with organizations to ensure that they are compliant with the Employment Equity Act by providing audit services and recommendations to employment practices. 


This ensures that organizations that provide services to the Federal government or who receive employee subsidies remain compliant with federal and provincial regulations covered under the Legislated Employment Equity Program and provinciallly regulated employers covered under the Federal Contractors Program. 


We work with organizations to help them understand the Act and mandates so they can meet their obligations under the Act. 


Employment Diversity

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In times of labor and critical skills shortages, organizations are finding that they must attract, retain, motivate and utilize their valuable human assets effectively if they are to be competitive. Diversity management can:

  • reduce unwelcome turnover
  • reduce absenteeism and
  • be a powerful magnet in recruitment.


myHRpro is an HR company that provides a complete strategy, tools, practices, consulting, and training required to hire, engage, build, and retain diverse talent.  We partner with you to design and implement a comprehensive set of tools, training, and talent practices needed to improve the organization’s diverse results:


  • experience
  • age
  • skill-base
  • gender
  • background
  • ethnicity
  • knowledge
  • location
  • lifestyle  


Benchmark the “best practices” and “next practices” to make targeted improvements. Equip leaders, managers, teams, and every diverse employee with actions guaranteed to increase organization inclusiveness and improve organization performance.