Employee Surveys


Employee Surveys

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical to organization’s success and to the achievement of goals.  Building a high performance, fully engaged workforce involves analysis and planning to attract and retain the best employees who will become engaged and deliver results.


Engaged employees are more likely to by loyal, to stay with the organization, to act as ambassadors for the organization and to be productive and contribute.  Unfortunately, recent research indicates that many employees are no longer actively engaged.  Here is a summary of some of the recent research.

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Although turnover is costly for an organization, retaining disengaged employees is often very costly as well and negatively impacts organizational culture as well as inhibits the success of the organization.  The only thing worse than a high turnover rate is having an organization that sheds high performers and retains disengaged workers.  Management would be wise to watch for signs of disengagement and be proactive in steaming its pervasiveness.  Click here to find out characteristics of disengaged employees. 


Engaged Employees

In contrast to disengaged workers, engaged employees are excited and enthusiastic about their jobs. They resist distractions, tend to forget about time and routinely produce significantly more than the job requires. Engaged employees search for ways to improve the workplace and are willing to sign up for challenging assignments. Engaged employees encourage others to higher levels of performance. Finally, they are proud to be involved with their organization and are more likely to stay with the company.


Companies with highly engaged employees have higher retention rates, superior customer service and realize enhanced bottom-line results.


Click here for more information on Employee Satisfaction and Engagement.


Employee Surveys Provide Critical Insights

Assessing employee attitudes and beliefs toward their organization, supervisors and job functions provide an important starting point for building a high performance workplace and enhancing and improving the employee engagement levels.


Our employee surveys are designed to measure employees’ engagement levels and their total workplace experiences. Our survey provides insight into employee’s level of job satisfaction and view of their work environment.  Our approach will provide data on:

  •      your employees’ opinions about human resource issues
  •      employees view of their work environment
  •      what their needs and preferences are on-the-job
  •      factors that motivate employees and increase job satisfaction


Let us help you make the first step toward building a satisfied and productive workforce that increases revenues and reduces costs in your organization.


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