Engagement and Retention


Engagement and Retention

The Impact Of High Employee Turnover

When a business loses employees, it loses skills, experience and “corporate memory”. The magnitude and nature of these losses is a critical management issue, affecting productivity, profitability, and product and service quality. For employees, high turnover can negatively affect employment relationships, morale and workplace safety.


The cost of replacing workers can be high, the problems associated with finding and training new employees can be considerable, and the specific workplace-acquired skills and knowledge people walk away with can take years to replace.  myHRpro can improve your employee retention and increase employee engagement.


Proactive Employee Retention Strategies

The problem of low employee retention can be addressed through a variety of pro-active retention strategies: workplace policies and practices which increase employee commitment and loyalty.


Work with myHRpro to:


  • understand the obstacles to employee engagement that exist in your organization
  • determine practices that increase employee engagement
  • create a proactive approach to retention with deliberate steps
  • increase job satisfaction
  • decrease turnover of needed talent


The ultimate outcome of this approach is an increased ability for your organization to deploy operational plans, and achieve strategic objectives.


Whether you need increased employee retention; improved employee engagement and productivity; or eliminating thousands of dollars in recruiting costs is desired, the tools and solutions at myHRpro enables our clients in Alberta to take action and make an impact where it’s needed most.


“The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”


After all the studies and research that’s been done on employee engagement, employers now understand that employee engagement is linked to:


  • greater employee productivity
  • better customer service
  • higher revenues, and
  • profitability


Yet only a few organizations actively develop strategies to create higher levels of employee engagement. In some cases this is because they don’t know what to do about it, and in other cases it can be because they’ve tried ineffective approaches that didn’t produce expected results.


Daniel Pink’s book “Drive” illustrates some important findings on what motivates us that has implications for employee engagement and retention strategies.




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