Why your company could benefit from hiring a human resources company

The bottom-line for any business venture is generating profits. To ensure that your business is profitable you not only require adequate resources and a quality product or service but also adept employees.  If you are a small business owner it’s important to ensure that each employee is having a positive and significant impact on your business.  When you’re a small business each resource is critical to your success.  When it comes time to recruit new employees you may not have the time or know how to find your ideal employee even though every hire is extremely important to the success of your business.  So you have two choices.  Try to cobble together a few hours here and there to:

·         analyse the new position,

·         write a job description,

·         identify all the ways to advertise the position,

·         determine the best strategy to fill the position,

·         post the ads,

·         respond to applicants,

·         screen resumes,

·          shortlist candidates,

·         set up interviews,

·         prepare interview questions ensuring you don’t ask things you’re prohibited by law from  asking,

·         ask questions in a way that will help to identify the ideal candidate,

·         conduct reference checks,

·         select a candidate,

·         draft an offer letter,

·         hire your new employee, and

·         plan an orientation process for your new employee

Or hire a human resources company that has state-of-the-art tools and techniques for identifying candidates, a firm who specializes not only in finding someone with the right skills and experience but also has a good fit with the culture of your company, and a company that cares that you get an employee that will help you be successful.  From recruitment & engagement, salaries & benefits to retention strategies, myHRpro can take care of important human resource functions helping you to have time to focus on the core activities that require your attention. Do what you do best and call us to help you with the rest.  We’re senior human resources consultants who have a track record of helping small businesses thrive.

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