Why Employee Engagement Programs Fail?

Employee engagement programs in many business organizations end up failing for a number of reasons. Here’s some that are quite common- 1) a lack of senior management’s involvement is one of the reasons that prevent employees from being fully engaged. Apart from HR managers, other leaders from the top management also play an important role in increasing employee engagement level in an organization. Ensuring active communication and involvement from Senior Leaders reinforces that employee satisfaction and engagement is a priority for the organization. 2) Focusing on some departments such as sales and marketing and ignoring others is one of the reasons why employee engagement programs fail. It’s common for some departments to be much more actively involved in employee engagement and retention programs than others. To avoid this create a system of accountability to ensure that all Departments are carrying out engagement activities for their employees. 3) Give employees a voice. Employees know better than anyone else what motivates them. Ensure your employee retention and engagement program involves input about what rewards, recognition and program components that your employees want. That way you’re more likely to develop a program that hits the mark and gives you the outcomes you are looking for. More information on employee retention and engagement is available at http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement -and-retention

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