Performance management and its benefits

Performance is the key to growth of any business. Companies wanting to gain a competitive advantage would be wise to ensure their employees are performing to the best of their ability. To enable this to happy a company needs to have a good performance management program. When setting up a program for this, ensure you consider the following:

· Development of clear job descriptions that elaborate on the goals and expected results that an employee is to achieve.

· Hiring eligible candidates by following a well thought out screening and selection process.

· Assessing employee performance by scrutinizing productivity and outcome against planned performance and articulated goals.

· Providing effective training so that employees can realize their full potential.

· Evaluating the resultant outcomes and determining the cause of inefficient performance and taking corrective action.

· Conducting quarterly performance management sessions to measure the performance of the employees and communicate findings.

· Designing adequate compensation and rewards for recognizing employees who excel in their jobs by achieving set standards in accordance with the performance plans.

· Providing guidance to employees regarding further career development.

· Counseling in terms of exit interviews to understand the reason behind employee’s discontentment and resignation or cause for poor performance.

An effective performance management program that covers all the above can prove to be extremely beneficial to a company. Benefits include:

· Financial gains – In terms of timely submission of work and growth in sales, an effective performance management program leads to financial gains in the organization.

· Motivated workforce – A well strategized training program increases the productivity of the employees and keeps them focused on their goals.

· Enhanced employee employer relationship – With better performance at work, the employee and the employer both feel confident in communicating with each other and this improves the environment at the workplace.

No matter what kind of organization you run, your success depends upon the performance of your employees. If you need assistance setting up a performance management system that fits your company give myHRpro a call. Top find out more about our human resource services, visit

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