Why Employee Engagement is Essential?

Businesses with more engaged employees perform better, have higher retention rates and typically have better customer service. Research indicates that engaged employees are up to 50% more productive and are more likely to expend discretionary effort at their job. Employee engagement also has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and profitability of a business organization because employees are more likely to go out of their way to ensure customers are satisfied with the products and services they receive. Employees are also more likely to stay with an employer who recognizes performance and rewards discretionary effort. Employee engagement programs play an important role in keeping employees satisfied have been shown to increase loyalty and commitment towards the organization. For more information on developing an employee rewards and recognition program and on other employee engagement programs visithttp://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

Why Employee Engagement Programs Fail?

Employee engagement programs in many business organizations end up failing for a number of reasons. Here’s some that are quite common- 1) a lack of senior management’s involvement is one of the reasons that prevent employees from being fully engaged. Apart from HR managers, other leaders from the top management also play an important role in increasing employee engagement level in an organization. Ensuring active communication and involvement from Senior Leaders reinforces that employee satisfaction and engagement is a priority for the organization. 2) Focusing on some departments such as sales and marketing and ignoring others is one of the reasons why employee engagement programs fail. It’s common for some departments to be much more actively involved in employee engagement and retention programs than others. To avoid this create a system of accountability to ensure that all Departments are carrying out engagement activities for their employees. 3) Give employees a voice. Employees know better than anyone else what motivates them. Ensure your employee retention and engagement program involves input about what rewards, recognition and program components that your employees want. That way you’re more likely to develop a program that hits the mark and gives you the outcomes you are looking for. More information on employee retention and engagement is available at http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement -and-retention

Role of Managers in Employee Recognition and Engagement

When it comes to employee recognition and engagement, the important role played by managers cannot be overlooked. It is essential to make your recognition program more manager-friendly. Here’s how it can be done- 1) Managers’ involvement and participation is crucial to the success of your recognition program. It is important to communicate the goals and objectives of recognition programs to managers and let them know why the program is being established. 2) Keep your recognition program simple and easy to manage. This will make it easier for managers to implement it. 3) Build in a feedback process to identify areas where the program is working well and areas that can be improved. For more information on employee recognition and engagement visit http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

Drivers of employee engagement

Several studies have linked employee engagement to greater employee productivity, higher revenues, better customer service and profitability. In a recent study on employee engagement conducted by a leadinghuman resources consulting company, it was found that an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is one of the key drivers of employee engagement. The study clearly states that behavior of direct supervisors can greatly enhance employee engagement and employee retention in a business organization. In addition to this, confidence in senior leadership and pride in working for the company were cited as two other major drivers of employee engagement. For more information on employee engagement and employee retention contact http://www.myhrpro.com

How employee turnover affects business and how to improve employee retention

High employee turnover is generally regarded as bad for business. 1) It has a negative impact on day-to-day functioning of a company. Many tasks and work requirements may remain unfulfilled and other employees may feel overloaded and stressed if required to cover for vacant positions for long periods of time. 2) Employee turnover can affect profit margins when customer service is negatively affected. It’s very important to monitor the quality and service levels customers are receiving especially when there is employee turnover. 3) Employee turnover increases hiring and training costs which may negatively affect the bottom line of the business. Even after lost employees have been replaced it takes time for new hires to become fully productive. 4) Current employees may become frustrated and overworked. This can cause dissatisfaction and unhappiness in the workplace. This may further increase employee turnover rate in the company. For more information on employee retention contact http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

How to improve employee retention and keep your best employees

Hiring the right employees is one thing. Keeping them is quite another. Here’s how you can keep your best employees- 1) Be fair to them. Recognize and appreciate the efforts made by them. Reward them with suitable pay hikes and other perks. This will greatly boost their morale and keep them from leaving. 2) Ensure that employees are working cooperatively as a team. Mediate if necessary to resolve conflicts between employees but also teach employees how to resolve conflicts among themselves. Equipping employees with techniques to resolve conflicts creates a more harmonious work environment. This will ensure a more productive work environment and motivate employees to stay. 3) Where appropriate involve employees in decision making and ensure they feel that their opinion is valued. For more information on employee retention and employee engagement contacthttp://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

Employee engagement activities

It’s been said that an engaged employee is a productive employee. Engagement activities will go a long way when it comes to enhancing the level of employee productivity and can positively impact employee retention. To increase employee retention and engagement consider these hr tips. 1) Celebrate special milestones for the business, including team successes, as well as holiday occasions such as Christmas to improve employee engagement. Celebrating together boosts morale and helps employees feel an emotional connection to the company. 2) Organize social gatherings and provide an opportunity for employees to make friends with each other. Employee engagement increases when staff members socialize with one another. 3) Arrange for employees to volunteer for charities while on the company payroll. This will build a sense of community and benefits non-profit organizations. It also creates a sense of pride in belonging to an organization that does good community work. For more information on employee engagement viewhttp://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention.

Ways to recruit the best employees

Hiring the best employees is one of the most important factors upon which the success of your business depends. Here are three ways that can help you attract the right employees- 1) It is important to reach candidates who’re not actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities. LinkedIn, and other social media platforms may prove to be immensely useful in this regard. 2) Networking, in the digital and real world, can make it easier for you to find the best candidates. When you have open positions in your organization don’t be shy about spreading the word to friends and acquaintances 3) It is essential to provide the best working environment for your current employees so that they remain satisfied and motivated, as they are often your best source of referrals for new hires. If you find you need additional help consider hiring staffing services. There are plenty of reputable employment agencies in Calgary and Edmonton. For more information on employee recruitment visit http://www.myhrpro.com/recruitment

Implementing employee engagement strategy

When it comes to enhancing employee engagement, it is essential to follow a systematic approach. 1) The first step is to clearly define what engagement means for your organization. 2) The second step is to understand the current level of employee engagement in your organizations. Quantitative and qualitative approaches both should be used to measure engagement levels. 3) Identify and prioritize the areas where action is required. 4) Develop and implement improvement strategies. This is the most challenging part and requires a lot of hard work. For innovative strategies to improve employee engagement consider working with a hr consulting company 5) Lastly, evaluate whether the improvement strategies have been successful or not and be sure to make periodic adjustments to your strategy so they address current weaknesses. For more information on employee engagement go to http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention

What keeps your employees from leaving?

Employee retention is essential to the long term health of your business. Here’s how you can keep your best employees from leaving- 1) Better compensation is one of the major factors that motivate employees to shift jobs. Providing competitive compensations will help with employee retention. If you’re not sure if your compensation is competitive work with a hr consulting company to do a compensation survey. 2) Providing learning and growth opportunities will go a long way when it comes to keeping your employees motivated and satisfied. It is essential to develop a culture that fosters growth and development. Whether you do the training in-house or hire a reputable training firm like the Learning and Performance Institute keeping your employees skills and knowledge up to date will give your organization a competitive advantage and improve employee engagement and satisfaction 3) Seeking employee feedback and acting on employee suggestions will make them feel that their voice is heard and their input matters. Employees want to feel that their employer cares about their opinion and efforts to incorporate feedback from employees helps them feel more engaged and committed to the organization. For more information on employee retention contact http://www.myhrpro.com/engagement-and-retention