MyHRpro: offering customised HR services in Edmonton and Calgary for accelerated business progress of its clients

There is no denying that a well coordinated team of experienced employees with dedication and commitment enables an organization to have success and establish a sound and enviable brand reputation. The overall importance of human resource services of a company simply can not be undermined. HR services are the engine which drives the corporate growth and progress and often the differentiator between average and excellent companies.

MyHRpro is a well-known human resource consulting company offering a complete range of HR services in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. The hr consulting company provides cost effective and seamless hr services including recruitment, supervisor training and development and performance improvement programs as well as orientation and succession planning. Besides this the human resource consulting company offers executive coaching and mentoring, performance review training, employee retention and engagement programs, and other HR services that enable its clients to reach their targeted business goals and objectives.

Whether you require experienced hr consulting to provide adviceor prompt recruitment and training services, myHRpro will cater to your business needs and requirements in a professional and cost effective way. If you want to tap the potential of your employees in the most impactful way and also provide them good opportunities for career growth and succession then consider adopting proactive retention strategies and provide suitable training programs for them. What makes myHRpro uniquely able to assist you with this is that unlike other human resource consulting companies, myHRpro has a special training division called The Learning and Performance Institute. This allows myHRpro to be able to provide over 100 different instructors and facilitators to organizations that want training and development programs.

The innovative human resource services as well as the training programs all are aimed to develop leadership abilities and empower supervisors and managers to help their organization to achieve phenomenal success. myHRpro is a reliable business partner that can provide a wide range of HR services and requirements and enable you to focus on your core business and customer needs. Feel free to contact us for any information about our human resource consulting at

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